18 Responses to How to F the D

  1. Some guys have all the luck.

    Some guys have all the luck.

  2. Danny D

    I Love Her Sweet Ass, I’m Going To Go Jerk Off Now. Thanks.

  3. lolwut

    my god

  4. GDUB

    Naomi is incredible!!!

  5. jayare

    Shit, HIV or not. I’ll throw a condom on and RAVAGE dat ass!.. fuck that, she gon get fucked!

  6. Urs

    Yo- I just saw this video…This chick needs to open up a university and offer degrees and certifications.

  7. Darkaholic

    lord have mercy. Maybe a link to full vid?

    • botd

      The video is uhh…on the button that says “video”.

  8. Photog Muth

    The director has great vision.

  9. Ivan

    Naomi merece tener un monumento a su culo

  10. Spungn

    I was just researching to see if she REALLY has HIV….her AND Carmell Bing have it!!!!!! NOOOOOOO!!!!!!

    • Pete

      Neither one has HIV….that’s a rumor that has run rampant for awhile now

  11. Kunta

    She has HIV…. So there’s that.

    • botd

      Well thanks for ruining our fap Kunta. You’re the best.

      • trip


    • asianasses

      unconfirmed rumor, but thanks for playing.

  12. Boooty freak

    Damn! You are right. I almost bust a nut just watching.

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