17 Responses to Ciera Rogers All Sides

  1. GDUB

    She needs to show more of that big booty in bikinis and nothing at all!!!

  2. Labor

    Have mercy

  3. @friend of u

    I guess I’m the only one who does not like her body…I mean, is not all that bad ..but nothing to great either….

  4. Davefox89

    “She is so amazing. I really like this chick”

  5. DC

    Awesome thickness, great post m8!

  6. Boooty freak

    Thick and wide, I like it

  7. yoyo

    mehhh boring, does she do porn? -_-
    these women and their pics, their instagram and all that bullshit is useless,
    seriously just do pr0n and get it over with

  8. 843bigred

    the example of thickness

  9. Anon7389

    I like the new Icon of BOTD. I thought it was an ace of spades at first. It fits the page, lol.

    • botd

      Yeah not sure it’ll work cause it’s hard to see. Have to try to adjust it.

  10. QUAY713

    bible truth she is my ex, and her body is 100% shout out to BOTD for finding the best of the best daily!

    • botd

      Nice. Hope she was fully blossomed already while you were dating her.

  11. JackJohnson

    The African gene is STRONG in this woman!!

  12. dayum

    i guess fake? just curious no hatin

    • JD

      Good question.
      Judging by her sister’s pictures mentioned above, I would guess that they either have the same plastic surgeon or their family would make a good sample to isolate the BigAss gene.

  13. Cole_Cash

    I’ve been following her IG for a while now. She has an incredible body, large phat and round ass, wide hips.
    She’s not as pretty as her body is but damn. One of my favorite.
    You should take a look at her sister, not the same body but she has strong arguments as well (see diaryofxtina, that’s her sister’s id).

  14. blackfrost

    Egypt is a cool place….that is all.

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