Nude Beach Adventures

Okay last one of her until the Great 2013 BOTD Booty of the Year Competition Extravaganza, obviously the most important contest in the world.

It’s still a long ways off, but so far we got this chick, Savannah Fox, and I’m still undecided on… Ryan Smiles? Rose Monroe? Kelsi Monroe? Dayna Vendetta?

I’m pretty sure I’m forgetting lots of girls, so let us know in the comments. The only rules are, it has to be kinda big, relatively new, and somewhat famous.

25 Responses to Nude Beach Adventures

  1. bossm

    What’s name of the girl in rhis video???

    • botd

      Names for the girls in the gifs and videos are usually on the bottom where it says Tagged. In this case it’s Bedeli Buttland. Also if you click her name you’ll see more posts of her.

  2. henk

    Felicia Clover

  3. Blue Magic

    Kelsi Monroe needs to get in. All dat ass and flexible to boot!

  4. James

    Janea Jolie has a great ass

  5. Day

    Spice J could she make it?

    • botd

      She’d be my first choice, but I think she’s been around for a while and only recently became thick.

      Gonna double check and make sure it wasn’t more than 2 years ago or something. Thanks.

    • botd

      Damn looks like her first video on Bangbros was from 2007. Oh well.

  6. Neto

    Rosee Divine should get elected again…shiiit -_-

  7. botd

    Okay. The people have spoken. Ryan Smiles is in.

  8. Tc2

    Anika Albrite please

    • botd

      Anikka’s ass is nice, but it’s not big enough to be BOTD Booty of the Year. Sorry man.

      Last year people were complaining about Jada’s ass being too small. If I put Anikka up there, they’ll catch a heart attack.

  9. HEr namE

    No Competition…Savannah Fox hands down

  10. Frenchie

    Kelsi Monroe and Ryan Smiles are deff my two favorites this yr.

  11. Anon7389

    Theres a site that let you make polls. Should we use it? Also, Ryan Smiles its hot butt theres more.

    • botd

      Thanks but nah, we’ll put a poll up here. Here’s last year’s poll results as an example…


      You’ll be able to select one and then click Vote.

      • Anon7389

        Fantasstic. Thanks.

      • booty addictxxx

        Yes please don’t forget about Ryan smiles she’s Fuckin banging!

  12. Boooty freak

    Too short, but can’t see video.

    • botd

      Don’t think of it as a video. Think of it as a gif.

      Also, can you give me some more details on why you can’t see it? Are you on Desktop or Mobile, which browser are you using, and what exactly do you see?

      • Boooty freak

        Using mobile but desktop version. It looks like it’s been scrambled.

        • Dr. E

          If your on android I might be able to help you out.

      • Al Bundy

        Won’t work on an iPhone 5s =( I just see he play button with a censor like sign on it. Most if not all of your videos and gifs work.

      • botd

        For anybody that’s having any kind of problems with the videos on mobile, try downloading Firefox for mobile or Chrome for mobile instead of using the stock browser that came with the phone.

        But since BOTD heads are smart, you guys probably did that already. In that case it’s probably just a problem with this particular video. If you have problems with the next video tho, let us know and we’ll figure it out.

      • botd

        Also, if you use Firefox for mobile (and I’m assuming Chrome for mobile will work correctly too), you’ll see the videos like they’re meant to be seen. They won’t maximize and they’ll keep looping, instead of them taking up the full screen and only playing once.

        Let me know if I’m wrong about any of this, cause it’s impossible for me to test it on every device out there, ya know.

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