8 Responses to Triple Booty Treat

  1. electriwizard

    I would not pass the opportunity to smash all three of them. Nevertheless, they (all three) seem to be on the developing stage; to be a true BOTD. You know what I mean; its not a connoisseur’s material. Nice to bang,though.

  2. Sticky1

    Only a scrub couldn’t man handled these 3 twigs. Nice appetizers.

    • cutter

      Yeah…. scrub… if you think of yourself so highly then why aren’t you making a few bucks pounding out porn stars every weekend? You are probably a 14 year old who thinks you got skills, when actually your vanilla scented lotion is nothing in comparison to smashing 3 delectable mounds.

      • botd

        I didn’t think Sticky1 said anything offensive, at least not deliberately. That’s probably just his way of saying he’d smash.

        Anyway let’s try to keep it civil.

  3. John

    I choose the female in the green. She has thicklegzz. Next would be the one in pink.

  4. Young Blood 59


  5. JB

    Nice colors. Don’t think I could handle all three at once but it would be nice to try.

  6. Al Bundy

    I pick #3, then #2, then #3 then #1 then #1-3 at the same time. HAHAHA

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