12 Responses to Katie Cummings Plump Booty Grind

  1. Mister Gray

    someone would have the full and free video or a link to the streaming video please !!!!

    Katie Cummings <3

  2. GSAgent89

    video link pls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Dthirster

    After seeing her thick version Katie Cummings became one of my favorites easily. But her thick stuff is so rare compared to when she was slimmer. All I have saved of thick Katie Cummings is this one vid of her from tampahousewives where she’s slobbin knob and getting smashed in the kitchen by dude. Anyone got a link to this vid or other ones of her when she’s thick??

  4. ilovemesomebooty

    Motherfucker! Does anyone have a link to the full video because ain’t nobody gonna pay 21 dollars for a 20 minute video, unless you’re desperate as fuck. I went down that road and it aint worth the money.

    I could have a nice meal or better yet bang a chick of that size for free! Sometimes i don’t understand these females who make it extremely hard for guys to enjoy their content. Lets say i want to see every single video that i like from her, it would cost 42 dollars! Now don’t say i’m a broke motherfucker. I have the money. But i’m the kinda guy who looks for quality and quantity.

    I digress. Katie cummings is a legend in the pawg genre. Doesn’t matter if she is latina or not, she’s thick in all the right places. And that’s what matters! No oversaturation of ANAL, no motherfucking fingers in her mouth, no finger hole teasing, simple good old fucking. Is that so hard to ask in porn? All i want to see is a thick girl getting fucked properly.

    People are so decencitized that they only like ANAL. Why else would they force every pornstar to do atleast one anal scene?

  5. Mony Luv

    Cud not agree more R Dray!!! No place for that type of talk here. Not only is her booty banging, she seems like so much fun to smash.

  6. R Dray

    Comments like the above is why we can’t have nice things. She’s 100 times hotter when she’s thicker.

    • Pete

      Thank you !!!

  7. Aalim Chin

    Is she pregnant or just getting fat?

  8. blackfrost31

    she does really good video’s. have had many nights of sticky keyboards with her.

  9. poohbia

    Its a shame she only films with her man these days, would love to see her thicker self take on some BBC

  10. ID

    Complete scene?

  11. beardo

    KC is a bad woman. Can only imagine what she is like at home.

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