10 Responses to Thick Norwegian Chick

  1. name

    shes xenophobic as hell.

  2. Ctgis

    She’s an attractive woman. That thickness…


  3. Big D

    Any links for this girl besides the ones off the first 10 pages of google, or even her real name so I can do some A class creeping

  4. MilwT

    too white……Casper

  5. bana

    good shit bro sexy as fuck

  6. Bootyman96

    Whoa a thick Norwegian? Damn booty on an international level and she’s a camgirl. Yes!!!

  7. Pete

    Aye BOTD….my man, SEND HER MY WAY bro

    • botd

      I don’t have her. But if I did, I’d keep her for a good three months at least.

  8. Chammastakilla


  9. Blaximus

    Yes. Yes. Y. E. S.

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