12 Responses to Kelsi Monroe Big Wet Juicy Booty

  1. TheCoolDude
  2. yeah

    Gotta love em FLEXIBLE

  3. Desipimp

    That ass is built to take a pounding!!

  4. Pete

    That tan line…..the girl is sexy

  5. GateNk

    The scene she did with PornFidelity is truly one of the most remarkable clips I’ve ever seen. Here’s an excerpt (can’t find the full vid atm): http://www.xvideos.com/video8364448/acrobatic_kelsi_monroe_fucks_kelly_and_ryan_madison

  6. Niko

    Bonus sexiness doesn’t work on IPhone, can that be fixed? 🙁

    • botd

      Until I fix it, you can try downloading Firefox for mobile. It should work with that. And the video loops will play automatically like gifs instead of having to press play on each.

  7. Bootox

    Those are not birthmarks, just take a look on other posts with her to prove. Although she is a pornstar I think that it shows a bit of authenticity and you can easily ignore that just looking the shape of her body and the way she moves. Nowadays, you can surely say that she is one of the best on what she does because she has some differential. Love her!


    DAT ? bonus sexines >>>

  9. Jason

    What are all those bumps on her ass?! :O

    • I like booties.

      Pimples? Birthmarks? IDK but that is still an awesome booty.

    • MilwT


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