26 Responses to Big Wet American Asses – Part 2

  1. Kim

    This scene came from what’s movie? What’s name of the movie? Sorry about my english. I’m from Brazil. We have worst english of the wolrd.

  2. Alf

    Holla at me when u got some real ass posted up here: diamond monroe, bunz4ever, ms. Booty, cleo. Im trynna see some real ass, my niggA please stop postin these little bitty asses n post some real shit cuz this shit weak. Damn

  3. DG

    so, kelsi did get injections right?

  4. Meme

    Tired of seeing kelsi and anna? Who? Im sure not never stop posting them

  5. Chilean guy

    Guys i don’t know where to post this, but give it a try, this is a fucking pawg doing anal and shit, i don’t know her name http://xhamster.com/movies/3925323/pawg_blonde_anal_fuck.html

  6. MB

    honestly if any man dislikes a woman with a great ass and body really needs to be gay and shouldn’t be on this site or like BSD said just remove you package please.

  7. Lala

    Scene name or site name ?

  8. Mitch

    Anyone know where I can get the full Katie Cummings “Miami Plumber” video. Keep ending up at this bullshit site blackmantv. Haven’t been able to see the full vid. She is boarderline BBW status in the preview. Thick as hell.

  9. BSD

    Friends –

    I GET that you can get too much of anything, even stuff that you love. I GET that even your favorite porn girl can get shot out for you, and you become oversaturated with her. I GET that you may not even be interested in new scenes of girls that you’ve loved for years. I get that. It’s happened to me with porn girls that I ADORE.


    If you are a heterosexual male, and you EVER get tired of looking at Anikka Albrite’s and Kelsi Monroe’s bodies, you need to have your package removed. That’s a Man Law violation.

    They ain’t gotta be everybody’s favorite, hell they ain’t even my favorites, but you cannot NOT appreciate God’s beautiful work.

    Play on.


    • iceman8069


    • Ilovemesomebooty

      BSD –

      I’m sorry but i just can’t enjoy an Anal scene. The girls have mascara running all over their faces. It doesn’t even look like she’s enjoying herself. As you stare into her eyes it gives the image of “what the heck have i done with my life?” while the male performer is slapping the shit out of her. I can’t fap to it. They fucking ruined every big bootied pornstar that i loved. Franceska jaimes, kelly divine, Kelsi monroe, Anikka albrite, keisha grey, karlee grey, abella danger, rose monroe, virgo peridot, alexis texas, phoenix marie, abella starr, mandy muse. I can go on and on!

      I’ve literally run out of new big ass material. You either get a scene that has the worst camera angles in porn history. Where the fucking camera man has the odaciety to film on the guy’s face or it’s ANAL. The girls don’t even like it! I can see through their bullshit moaning that they don’t enjoy it at all and the only reason they’re doing it is for the money.

      End rant.

      If anyone can link me a porn site with good big ass material that is relatively new, let me know.

      • BSD


        Dawg, I think you misunderstood my point. I wasn’t speaking about the videos, or sex scenes, or specific sex acts. I was just referring to the pictures and gifs that BOTD brings and his comment that maybe people were getting tired of seeing Anikka and Kelsi. That’s all I meant with that.

        I know that each individual has things and aspects of porn that they like, and don’t like, and everyone is different. Lord knows that many dawgs have tried to tell me how fucked up I am cuz of some of the things and girls that I like in my porn. Each man is different and I respect whatever turns you on or works for you.

        But just in the aesthetic visual of Anikka and Kelsi, I think we can agree that God did good with those two, and any man that can get tired of looking at that, is a better man than me. Smile.


        • C.A.

          This is what I like about the forum of BOTD. A coherent and respectable conversation about porn.

          Where’s the fuck is BSD’s blog of booty blurbs bruh?

          • botd

            Was gonna offer him a job to do booty commentary, but then I remembered I had no money.

          • Pete


            Agreed !!!!

        • botd

          I think Ilovemesomebooty just likes to complain about anal and close ups. I don’t blame him, I hate that stuff too.

        • Ilovemesomebooty

          BSD –

          I fully understood your point. The pictures and gifs of these women are terrific. I can definitely appreciate that. I went out of hand with my little rant over there. And i do apoligize if it came across as if i wanted a piece of somebody.

          I just get upset at how the industry has turned up to be. The link that Mr “bootyoftheday” gave to us. First thing when i click it is a tumbnail of one of my favorite pornstars being penetrated “Anally”. I don’t get it. She has a perfect pussy. Have we become so desensitized that a butthole becomes more attractive than a beautiful pussy?

        • DG

          karlee grey hasn’t done anal though

      • C.A.

        I agree about the anal shit though. Now the cameraman wants to push the camera as close to the hole of the butt without penetrating it. Shit ain’t cute to me. Pun intended, motherfucker.

        • poohbia

          That shit is the worst, no pun intended

    • Guthrie Bowron

      What?! Tired of seeing these two gorgeous ladies?! Never!

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