13 Responses to Thick Brunette Lingerie Try-On Haul

  1. Super sexy woman

    Super sexy woman

  2. jophuc

    Can someone drop her content? there is definitely a bg which i have seen but cannot find anymore


    Forgot to say I’m going black On this one! You eat with your eyes first and this one is giving me what I need.


    We’re in an age where the try on haul is like the soft core tease on the SFW platforms and it always trips me out. Shorty is THHHHHIIICCCC

  5. BigAssVoyeur

    What a difficult choice! I’ll go with the pink ’cause it shows of her hot legs better. Glad you’re back BOTD.

    • botd

      Thanks man. You too, wb.

  6. Anonymous

    RE: Broken vid in link below. Here a longer version minus the crappy screen proportions –

  7. Anonymous

    Frankly, none of the above. A past GF had an inclination for lingerie. Went along with it until she asked my opinion. From that point onward it was boyshorts (those tiny short-shorts for women), painted toe-nails and giant stripper heels. Say what you will.
    Here’s some vids:


    …. And then there’s this one: IS IT LEGIT?


  8. Charles

    Pink, much easier access. Walking category is probably my favorite!

    • botd

      True they should have a Walking category on all porn sites.

  9. Suresh

    a. The pink for me. It is sexier than the black.

    • botd

      Welcome back bro.

  10. Mike

    Pink one!!!!

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