13 Responses to Thick Anastasia Lux Poolside Fuck

  1. Suresh

    Mmm.. Good one.

  2. Jay

    Anyone have any videos from katvong? I know she’s been doing custom videos recently and she just started doing skype shows.

  3. poohbia

    Hit me up when she does some BBC

    • Pete

      YES !!! But think it may be awhile before she does (if ever)

  4. MikeManiac61

    Damn, Dem titties!

  5. blackfrost31

    she is really nice no doubt. BOTD should put up a versus with her, Themis thunder, and Siri. yes i know i said that in the last post but maybe BOTD didn’t see it lol

  6. beardo

    I believe she is more than thick.

  7. realreal

    also look at those tits

  8. Pete

    Starting to be a fan of this thick one

    • Zorken

      Yep, I got the same feeling. I wasn’t a big fan of her at first, but I’m starting to love this bitch. She’s thick as fuck, got a huge ass and huge tits and really enjoys what she does. It seems she’s here to stay, and not to make some quick buck and then leave. I like her and her attitude.

      • Pete

        I’m with you on that bro !! Wasn’t a fan of hers but she’s been grabbing my attention with the passion she puts into her art…..haha

        • Zorken

          Lol yeah, great minds think alike!

  9. iceman8069

    I really like this chick! she’d get it all day long!

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