9 Responses to Anikka Albrite Peeping Doorman

  1. TIM

    God makes Beautiful Creatures and this is one of them!!!

  2. bigbattyrider

    mmm id fuck that ass all night

  3. blackfrost

    what’s funny is i bet all the doormen around the world look at the women who come out like this.

    • Bootox

      I bet too. Personally, when I see a woman in the street (or other place) I like to look at her butt even if I have to stop and pretend something to take a good look…lol

  4. BigWolf

    Where’s the original, reality kings?

  5. logitexan

    Yeah, but the funny thing with Anikka is that this video isn’t too far from the truth. Best in the biz she is.

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