8 Responses to Hourglass Amateur Selfies

  1. a

    This isn’t spam. I recognize the small tattoo on the upper part of her spine going vertically, hard to see

    • this guy

      this guy.. double post on any links of this dame… “tattoo on her upper spine”… rite.

      its a backwards necklace.. but sounds like your life mission is complete!

  2. a

    Yup used to date her. she’s alright. not able to disclose info due to personal privacy but, she looks better in these pics than she does in real life

  3. DC

    Great stuff m8, thanks!

  4. vanpre

    What her name or twitter account or something! WOW!

    • botd

      She was on Reddit but she deleted her stuff. Maybe it wasn’t really her.

      • a

        It was her. She succumbed to peer pressure and put these photos up even tho she should be better than that

  5. blackfrost

    damn she has a nice body!!!!

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