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  1. Everett

    Kelsi Monroe is blessed with the most AWESOME booty on the planet. BOOTYLICIOUS!!!

  2. Taiwatcher

    Yo botd, is harley jade going to get any love on this site? She reminds me of a hotter blonde version of Jaime Jackson

    • botd

      She’s okay, but I don’t know, she doesn’t really do it for me. Unless she got thicker recently.

    • botd

      Nice. Thanks. Gotta save it for the next edition of Booties in Bed after I make the right cheek a little rounder. I mean… nooothing.

    • BlowMyLoad

      That belong to you? Do you really get to pound that?

      If so, take this advice: Next time you take a turn on her fat ass, plow her right up to the point you can feel your load, pull, put her on her knees, step up, grab her hair and unload it all down her throat — while she looks up at you.

      You won’t believe the adrenaline rush. You’ll never blow a harder load in your life.

  3. botd

    Is anybody else into humiliation porn? Here check it out…


    If you don’t think she’s dope, just wait till she calls you a pathetic loser with a tiny penis. Oooh baby, just like that girl. Tell me I’m a worthless piece of shit again.

    That’s okay tho, I showed her who’s boss in the end. Shot her right in the eye to show her where I come from like Phife Dog.

  4. gobot90

    Had to share:


    Her web site is down and I haven’t been able to find anything else on her. It’s a damn shame because FUUUUUUUCK

    • botd

      Nice. Thanks bro.

    • botd

      I need to post this soon and give you a shout. She might just be my new fave.

      Well I gotta check again when I’m sober, so we’ll see.

      But everybody needs to do like my boy Gobot and bring us girls like this.

    • BSD

      Friends –

      I would commit crimes for that girl.


  5. BootyFreak

    Yawn! Had enough Kelsi, let’s move on.

  6. MrNet

    Anal doesn’t bother me, but when confectionary treats got involved I lost interest immediately.

  7. Suresh Maanlest

    Lovely ass and excellent display!!

    Thanks for posting her!!

  8. poohbia

    Damn, I finally clicked that link out of curiosity and shit, I wish I didn’t

    Is that shit supposed to turn someone on? Shit is nasty as hell

  9. DG

    she got ass injections am i wrong?

    • C.A.


      • DG

        her booty is insane these days

        • bootox

          Yeah. It really looks bigger nowadays (and this is great!).

  10. Goldy

    Kelsi, Keisha Grey, and AJ Applegate are my three faves; as far as, 2010’s porn chicks.

  11. C.A.

    Dear BOTD,

    Please warn us of close-ups of the asshole. Please my brother. I can’t take that shit. Pun not intended. Please.

    Sincerely, C.A.

  12. Mackmore

    almost all those evil angel videos is anal.. and fucking disgusting ones, dont get me wrong i like anal but the shit they do over there is fuck up like puting a fuck apple on a girl asshole..!!

    • Zorken

      And by the looks of the place Kelsi is in, I already know we are talking about a scene with that faggot Mike Adriano.. besides doing all the disgustingly unwatchable asshole gaping, he also likes to lick his own cum from the actress’ mouth and to make her suck his asshole… dude is fucked in the head… The intros of his videos are nice, where we can see all the beauty of the models at display.. but once he appears, the horror show starts and I’m out…

  13. Jason


  14. BSD

    Friends –

    Yeah, people are gonna get tired of seein’ Kelsi Monroe. GTFOutta here!

    Yesterday I watched her new scene with Prince. When I saw her ridin’ cowgirl, with a black dick up her wonderful ass…

    I misted up.

    Wishin’ it was me.


  15. MILFanyday

    awwwww man it was anal :'(

    • Pete

      I’m shedding tears with you my man !!

    • blackfrost31

      she has a great ass and body but that video is just nasty to me.

      • Poohbia

        This is the main reason why she lost me afew months back, all these anal scenes got me looking the other way

    • BigAssVoyeur

      Ah Kelsiā€¦ (sigh)!
      If only she did more vag *sniff sniff*

  16. MILFanyday

    cant handle this ffs, just turned into a rapist!

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