9 Responses to Maliah Michel Walking

  1. Desipimp

    Red, apple booty I wanna eat!!

  2. 843bigred

    The example of perfection

  3. bingo long

    Somebody please get that guy a better video camera…..

  4. Frank

    Link to the video?!

    • botd

      It’s not a full video. It’s from a 10 second loop somewhere on her Instagram.

  5. Aalim Chin

    Drake thought she was the girl of his dreams at the strip club, uh uh, fuck it he was wrong though.

  6. Bootyman96

    This chick got an interesting name and she looks good from behind

  7. reservoir dog

    plus 1

  8. Brent

    This the type of ass that make you turn your life around!

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