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  1. Danny D

    I Love Jada Stevens, Didn’t Need A Gif To Fall In Love. I Saw A Few Of Her Videos, Shaking Her Big Ass. Instant Hard On. Love That Lil Bitch.

  2. Suresh

    Jada Stevens is an amazing performer. She knows how to enhance her beauty. Thanks for posting her.

  3. King Bootius Waximus

    Behold brethren! I present a new channel and may it endorse (God of Research) Anon’s initial disclosure. (which has been impassable since lang syne)


    To rid of any inquiries pertinent to Taiwatcher’s concerns, the link I provided above within this annotation (yet all credit shall be inclined to Anon) consists of a Caucasian she-beast who has attained a body frame of ass-tronomical proportions. Might I include that this matron was gracefully bestowed upon us in the month prior by the administrator of this profound symposium -botd (Zeus himself).
    YesJulz – July 25, 2016

  4. Anon

    GET IT BEFORE IT’S GONE (_y3s_julz_) — https://vimeo.com/178698873

    • Taiwatcher

      what is this? who is this?

    • King Bootius Waximus

      And there he stood atop Mount Olympus amongst deities such as Zeus and many other celestial beings. ANON – God of Research. Oh Brave and fellow comrade whom worships the female posterior, your story will be told across the land for thousands of years to come. For you have found what no mere mortal could…

  5. Jayjay

    Who is this perfect ass????

    • Udderman

      Scarlett from bangbros.com

    • Cole

      Scarlett. She did two or three bangbros scenes.
      Man that takes me back…
      Anyways,I loved her perfect bubble but. Unfortunately for me (and good for her probably) she did quit pretty fast.
      Now, i’m saving those gifs 😀 !

  6. GuideP
    • Udderman


    • name man

      Looks like Ariella Ferrera

      • Nosferatus

        Thats right \o…tks man

  7. RasTrent

    Jada is awesome. She has the same appeal to me that Liza Del Sierra has. Great ass for sure, but combined with the right moves and those “fuck me” eyes….. Recipe for success!!!

  8. realreal

    that dude has a really big cock, sorry but someone had to say it

    • Pete

      Actually my man, NO ONE had to say it !!!! We’re her for the women, NOT the dude. But hey, to each it’s own

      • Taiwatcher

        lmao Keep it real Pete, always lol.

        • Pete

          Bro, RIGHT ???!! hahaha

    • Athr

      This is the major problem with these videos – we have to explore and watch in full detail and glory the horrifying and grotesque male anatomy. 😀 Yet all-girl stuff while great, is somehow missing something; maybe it’s harder to imagine yourself in it. There must be a solution in modern science – this is *the* pressing issue of today’s world.

    • Alf

      If you are looking at dudes dick and not the chick’s ass; if your initial comment is about dudes dick and not the chick’s ass- then buddy i don’t think ‘Bootyoftheday’ is the website for you. I’m cocksure this ain’t for ya, excuse the pun

      • Pete


      • realreal

        I’m a big ass lover, specially the big stocked kind of women. But that doesn’t mean i can’t look at a cock, specially if is in the foreground. Sorry for not being macho enough.

        Anyway, i’m not into Jada… I like how she fucks but she isn’t my kind

  9. Jason

    Hey Mr. BOTD man…. have you seen any of the LFL games? You should look @ players like Adrian Purnell & Saige Steinmetz. They have huge fucking ASSES!!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LmwyLcLHe4s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PRwLR13_gcM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TnPQKCsybgw Check it out!!!!

    • RookieTime123

      Man these are great. I wish i had paid more attention to this sport lmao.

  10. Traxx

    Still the fucking queen imo

  11. Joe

    This is irrelevant but does anyone know the name of this porn video is of a thick white chick wearing teal leggings and her stepbrother rips them and fucks her while she is one the phone ?

    • Ghost

      Sounds like you’re describing Madisin Lee.

    • AlwaysHD

      AJ Applegate

      [LetsTryAnal] AJ Applegate (AJ Applegate’s Anal Study Break – 24.02.16)

  12. G-Unit

    this guy tanned his dick.

  13. Goldy

    One of the 10 or 20 nicest bodies to ever grace the porn industry

  14. iceman8069

    Damn…I wanna fuck her so bad!

  15. Pete

    Honestly gotta say, I wasn’t a Jada fan for many years until I found this site a few years back. You have made me a huge fan of this ass with all the excellent posts BOTD…thank you bro

    • poohbia

      Same here

      • Pete

        Right ?? I used to see her posts and just wave it off waiting for the next post. Recently tho, I’ve been into her

    • Ghost

      Still not a fan of her but I will download her videos just because of a 2 minute scene (like the one in gif #2).

      • Pete

        Hhahaha that’s how she got me bro, with those damn gifs

  16. PonyViper

    Damn! She swallows that cock like she was taking it in her mouth.

  17. NoBiggie

    SWEET FUCK that 2nd gif!!

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