16 Responses to Another Super Thick Shorty

  1. Andrew Hamilton

    Dear Lord I would nut in 5 seconds

  2. idrees hashim

    I love this

  3. Horrorshow

    Why is this tagged under Thicksnoww?
    This isn’t her

    • botd

      I think it was her before she called herself Thicksnoww. Unless you’re talking about a different Thicksnoww.

  4. raza

    mmm juliana’s juicy bum much better

  5. Lt. Galvatron

    Her ass is immaculate make a nigga want to write poetry after beating those cheeks..

  6. Willie Beamon

    I would do some thangs to that honey!

  7. Tha Man

    Oh damn she is thick. Her ass makes the nutt just want to jump right out your dick. BOTD you have done it again.

  8. bigswole

    damn. her junk swollen. would have go to sleep inside that one.

  9. M


  10. illphil

    If I was her boyfriend id sniff her butthole while she sleeps, then lick iy while shes awake

  11. poohbia

    Her updated twitter name: https://twitter.com/MorganDantoni

  12. mo

    https://twitter.com/MorganDantoni Twitter update admin….ur link don’t work lol

  13. Bootyman96

    Aaaaaaaaaaaah-yeah this chick is fuckin hot my popcicle is melting

  14. Chammastakilla

    that’s Paige, I been following her on IG. Her IG name should be paigecassandra for some of you who may want to know. 🙂

  15. Bee

    Holy shit!!!!!!!!! This girl is stacked!

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