You know I don’t ever post a full video without making some type of edits, but this one’s good on its own.

Hit that volume button to listen. Check out how it transitions on each bar, then on each beat or half or quarter of a beat, then the zoom and other effects. I’ll assume she did that and not one of her fans.

Don’t mention her marks or I’ll remove the comment.


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11 Responses to QTsnack

  1. Lym

    I like her stretch marks.

  2. Curvylover

    Her body is amazing!! But damn that haircut is atrocious lol. Definitely wouldn’t pull out though.

  3. Larry

    Absolutely gorgeous!!! WOW I don’t follow many on social media but you’re a must!

    • botd

      Thanks for the comment Larry. Not sure who you’re talking to, but she’s never been on this site.

  4. realreal21

    Damn i didnt know this site was back

    • botd

      Yeah just started back up about a month ago. w/b brother.

      You got the email right? Cause I installed a plugin that output all of them, and I was sending them 450 at a time. Just got to the Ms…99% of them bounced back though cause they used a fake email haha.

  5. Hentai Jose

    I love the way she moves!

    • botd

      Truuu. Altho hourglassy women don’t need to actually have moves. They should just move their hips from side to side like they usually do ya know. Or that’s probably what you meant.

      Edit: Let me know if you get notified by email whenever somebody replies directly to your comment like this. Altho I DO tell people they don’t have to use their real email in order to leave a comment, so no problem AT ALL if you don’t.

      • Hentai Jose

        No worries, I don’t get anything in my inbox or junk.

        I get you, but what I meant is that there’s something about the way she dances in combination with her body that makes her stand out.

        I’ve seen other curvy girls dance or shake it, but there’s just something about her, you know?

        • botd

          Okay yeah I hear you.

  6. Mike D

    Damn those curves!!

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