2013 Booty of the Year Results


The final results are in and the people have spoken. It looked like Savannah Fox would take it at first, but up from behind comes Ryan Smiles to take over the lead and win.

7 Responses to 2013 Booty of the Year Results

  1. HiHowdyHo

    I’m a big fan of lily sincere she seems sweet. Not a lot of content to enjoy though I’m happy with what I can see

  2. naughtynuff4u

    “up from behind” lol pun intended.

  3. DG

    No offense but only Ryan had the credentials to win this since this contest is about ass the winner must definitely have done at least 1 anal scene. Maybe Lily Sincere can win it next year? *drools*

  4. StickMan

    “up from behind comes Ryan Smiles”… Maybe it has to do with the fact she starting taking it up her behind! Good girl!

  5. Bootyman96

    I’m glad Ryan Smiles won, all the other girls are great now I can’t wait to see how Ryan does this year. BOTD is an awesome site I’ve been on since May (the Meagan Peaches pictures caught my attention) and been commenting since October, so I will definitely be on this site everyday this year.

  6. freelove


  7. blackfrost

    that is freaking awesome. to me they are all winners no doubt and glad this year so far has brought a smile to my face. one of my new years resolution is to visit this page every single day this year. can’t wait to see what BOTD have in store for us *cough* Jessie minxx *cough*….sorry lol.

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