Thick Booty Pretty Latina Cam

Smash or Pass?

She’s pretty but didn’t want to post her front cause there’s something I’m not feeling about it. Not sure if it’s the tanline, belly or overall shape.

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  1. StLym

    full name?

  2. hhh

    Her name please !! God she is really sexy
    and i wanna smash her all day the ass is so nice

  3. Bootyfreak

    I bet if she stood in front of everyone who said they’ll pass, they would eat and smash her ass all day. Keep it real, there’s nothing wrong with her. I’m sure all of us here has fucked girls worse than her.
    Just sayin

    • The Mayor

      You’re right. Most would still smash including myself. She just has a weird ass look to her body wth that big ass front tan line and all. Even with all that being said, the smashing would not stop.

      • Bootyfreak

        Thanks for admitting it.

  4. A. Connoisseur

    Good look for showing new ladies (new to me anyway). Speaking of which, looking for more pics of this thick thigh’d honey if anybody has em….

  5. J.P.E.

    Her tits look weird and she doesn’t look very good from the front.

  6. poohbia

    Her tan line makes her shape look weird from the front, if it was thinner it wouldn’t look so weird

    Weird tan lines isn’t going to stop me from smashing

  7. Bootyman96

    Colombian? Idgaf how “wierd” the shape is of her ass n hips are. It’s smashable that’s all that matters. Smash X 3 cuz it looks good n she seems Colombian n I lovvvvvve Colombian Cam Girls they rule MFC with an iron fist……. to their asshole. Oh!! That pun was coming, but it’s true there are a lot of them on that site than Chaturbate, yet it’s a big majority of them. I love them. ❤️❤️

  8. iceman8069


  9. Skione

    Dude what the hell is wrong with the front side of that? Smash day and night!

  10. blackfrost

    smash no doubt and not pull out

  11. Smackdatass

    it lacks shape i.e. Roundness but I’d still sample the goods

  12. beardo

    Would have to See front first, but probably pass.

  13. Suresh Maanlest

    Smash of course!!

  14. Douche Baggins

    Pass… her shape is odd…

  15. TOP DAWG


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