34 Responses to Anja Dee in Yoga Pants

  1. dave

    Thank you Anja Dee Happy Holidays. Kisses.

  2. Fam

    I wish she did porn.

  3. Maxwell

    Not a fan of this chic, face is not attractive, booty looks good but that’s about it, probably was fat in high school and no one paid attention to her, until she noticed she had an ass and Instagram and there we have it.

  4. Electriwizard

    Nothing out of the ordinary. My wife looks like that. Don’t take me wrong; i’ll do her in a heartbeat, if given a chance. Nevertheless; BOTD has posted some awsome pix. These loops just aren’t their best.

  5. G-Unit

    Sits ass

  6. Nate

    Does any of you have seen any vids from her PayPal page? I know she put nowadays most of her stuff there, videos and pictures, I wonder if those are worth the subscription, anyone has video from there?

    • daphreak

      Dont waste your money. Its whack. Like 2 photos and they arent even racy or anything.

  7. steven

    dude ! where did you get the video from ?

    • botd
      • steven


      • Sugadaddy

        Stupid website requires premium inorder to download. Fauck!

      • God

        we gotta subscribe for this? really? cmon man

  8. DG

    full vids?

  9. KingJ


  10. Bootyman96

    The YouTube vid looks cool, but I agree more please? Dat ass needs more attention. It’s attractive and it looks great in yoga pants. It is one with the booty and she can twerk. A few weeks ago I saw some awesome twerk vids on PornHub and even the uploaders who star in their videos are great. Suggestion? She should try that and she’ll get more followers.

  11. Jason

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XH3BlBH90zA here is a video of her tweking. I wish she would post more vids like this one. But oh well. She follows me on tweeter btw. But yeah she is fine as fuck. I just wish she would smile more & stuff like that. SN: I really wanna go 2 CAN.

    • poohbia

      Her lack of smiling is whats holding her back from blowing up, that stone face is a turn off

      • naughtynuff4u

        yeah she looks like she will tell someone “no” if anyone ask her out. she maybe an asshole by the way she looks. i wouldn’t date her because of that.

        • Zorken

          Yep… Would definetly tap that fat ass but with the whole lack of smiling it’s like she’s telling us “hey, I really wish I was doing something more productive with my life instead of parading my big ass on Instagram and Vine.. what am I even doing here?” and that’s a turn off….

          But for solely boner-inducing purposes, her ass is just enough.

          • naughtynuff4u

            lol yeah that’s probably how it went. “but i need the attention, that doesn’t mean i will reply to your messages though. i’m in it for the followers. follow me but i won’t follow you back. thanks, on second though you don’t deserve a thanks nor need to read my words, you should pay me more than your attention because it doesn’t pay my bills. i’m not paying you to watch me.”

            “now shut the fuck up and watch me shake my big ass because i need the views to further my popularity and the more i want you to see my ass, the more you want to touch it and you know it won’t happen nor i will let you see and have it. because you’re a creeper and you know you don’t have anything better to do but sit in front of a computer and talk to girls you will never met in person. oh yeah subscribe to my channel on youtube.”

            that’s what the look on her face is telling me. like a real asshole. if girls are so goddamn insulted by other dudes looking at them, why do they post this shit online? it’s funny though.

          • Poohbia

            naughtynuff4u hit the nail on the head, that’s exactly wat her face looks like shes sayin

      • yabajaba

        I dont get why guys are turned off by a lack of smiling. Whenever I see girls on Facebook with a big ass joker grin on their face in every one one of their photos, its kind of a turn off cause they look fake as fuck.

      • daphreak

        I srsly think the reason she doesnt smile is because she looks whack as fuck when she does.. Case in point https://mtc.cdn.vine.co/r/videos_h264high/C94044BB931190150829366304768_SW_WEBM_1426728272419b2b287eba2.mp4?versionId=E4bjNcYxfxgX13sb2IBWDFJ0KnKGSHmA

        Pause it right when she smiles and there you have it..whack.

        • daphreak

          Cute to be sure but on the whole..still whack.

        • poohbia

          She does look award when smiling, but stone face 100% of the time aint any better

          She might as well not even show her face

          • poohbia

            * awkward

  12. iceman8069

    Dammit man! I got it bad for this chick! I wanna do everything to her!

  13. blackfrost

    that gets a thumbs up right there

  14. wintersoldier

    dear lord………….

  15. bootyboi

    I’d love to pound her in that fat ass, wish she showed more.

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