Up and Down Video Selfie

I know I said I only like super thick black girls, but iz niice.

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  1. mee(a)t

    Is that the right tumblr page?

    • botd

      I think it probably was, but the post is old so she probably deleted it and somebody else has it now.

  2. Randy

    She doesn’t look human.

  3. Jimothy

    Yeah more black girls please like this, you really don’t have to look that far…how do you have more asian asses than black asses on a site glorifying ASS?? let’s be fair pervs here

  4. Chaos

    Her tumblr page is such a cringe fest.

    It really shows what rap/hip hop music can do to people.

  5. Bigbootylova

    That ass gets make hard as fuck.

  6. Dutchbootylover

    Is that Bria Myles?

  7. poohbia

    Those proportions are crazy

  8. realreal

    i love black women, more than white girls. You should post more girls like this, damn.

    Also post super thick black girls, just to know how you like them

  9. Brownhornet22

    Now that’s just beautiful. 🙂

  10. iceman8069

    Checked her out and she is super bad!

  11. jaymak


  12. fam

    damn, homie…so bad.

    • Yeah

      Soooooo bad. Nice avi bro.

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