Football Fans

Should make a separate category called “Double Troubles” … and maybe “Triple Treats” … btw, why do some people call three girls in a pic Triple Threat. Look more like sweet treats to me.

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  1. Bootyman96

    This pic is a triple threat because it’s two hot chicks with big asses (although the original picture is fine they’re still fuckaable anyway. It’s fantasy land ppl think bigger) and they love football. A lot guys would love that. U can interprete “triple threat” how ever you want for this scenario, but it’s a good picture.

  2. t nasty

    Hot, but no doubt shits photoshoped. Heres the original:

    • j

      Original looks good too.

  3. yellaaa

    They both got IG?

  4. Moop

    I can’t be turned on by this because American football is pure shite…if this was real futbawl my phone would be sticky as a muhfuha

    • Spungn

      So, just the fact that they’re both hot as hell doesn’t turn u on?!?!?! Just because the theme is American football – is gonna turn u off?!?! Fukn GAAAAAY!!!!

      • Porch monkey

        I’m not gay but I still do shit.

  5. Fisher

    Lol that guy in the back

  6. Smackdatass

    I would destroy the one on the right- right up the ass

  7. sean

    Looks extremely photoshopped

  8. seanjohn100

    wheres this pic from?

  9. Yeah

    Damn! Triple Threat it is!

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