13 Responses to Girls with Glasses

  1. Alley Al

    Number 11?

  2. ButtMan

    #3 laurelle baduria
    #4 Ai Shinozaki
    #5 Clare Richard’s from studio 66

  3. Bayman

    Number #2 is Phoenix Marie

  4. devon

    I swere 1 ass is about to bust out them pants damn!

  5. sumguy

    Is it just me or is that heater dangerously close to those curtains and the cot mattress?

  6. AAron

    And 10

  7. marc

    it should be called “girls with glasses and asses”

  8. Mingtian

    Who’s number 7?

    • da daeez

      Please tell us if u could ever know

    • DC

      She’s indeed incredible hot!

    • will

      i have to know who she is!

  9. AAron

    WOW!!! Who’s number 1 6 7

  10. Chukou

    Vivian Chau is still my favorite!!!

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