15 Responses to Peruvian Phat Bubble Booty

  1. Skinny penis

    I’d like to smell her butt

  2. Timothy

    She has a very nice big booty

  3. lpbinca

    Viva Peru Carajo! God bless that ass.

  4. G

    I’d hit this all day. That ass with that waist? G’damn.

  5. Pete

    Still amazed that some dudes come on here to complain “fat legs” over this perfection !!!!
    Perfect ratio

  6. Niggasbootyfan

    DANMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM the booty is fireeee

  7. Bootyfreak

    I’d have to smash!

  8. RookieTime123

    dear BOD do you know who this girl is?


    I would like to see a video of her getting rekt by some D.

    • botd

      Sorry I don’t know.

  9. Maxwell

    Oh Jesus almighty awwww lawd that is a homegrown booty, none of that photoshopped plastic Instagram booty, this definitely gets the juices flowing, my biological response can not be denied.

  10. iceman8069

    Legs and all would not prevent me from smashing her relentlessly!

  11. blackfrost

    fat legs but still a nice phat ass

  12. Horny Tom

    Name please!! Someone please help me!!!!

    • Gino

      She went by 2 different names on reddit “suckmyculo” and “goodgirlgoesbad” but has deleted both her accounts.

  13. beardo

    Those are some fat legs.

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