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  1. Oussama

    Home 18an

  2. vikivik


    have a look bros, this pawg is awesome thick n tight.
    find out if u know who she is….

    • botd

      Nice, probably Dani Valentina.

      • viki

        Great thanks…

  3. Anon

    Fellas! Anyone have any idea what this Asian models name is or where to find more pics+clips of her?

    This image started on Tumblr, then Reddit and finally to Twitter (according to image search). That kitchen in the background looks western, she could be North American. Even if you got zero info, enjoy them tig ole biddies!


    • Anon

      Found her after more digging. Name in the url and video title. Them thighs tho.


      • botd

        Thought you weren’t into thick Asians? 🙂 Yeah she has a tiktok with her mom in some of them. This is her right? tiktok.com/@itspeachykai

        • Anon

          Re: “Thought you weren’t into thick Asians?”
          Whoa. Whoa. Never ever typed or even thought that. However, I did slight “cheating” (fish-eye) lenses in JAV and the women in them nerds on the net and IRL seem to hype-up got legs like string beans to me, so there’s that.
          I spent a lot of my childhood in Hawaii amongst bi-racial Japanese, Filipina, Korean & Native Hawaiian women that defied the stereotypes mainlanders have about their genetics. My journey started with them. I myself am mixed and it wasn’t without problems as people with the “old school” mentality treat mixed people and their families like we’re doing something wrong by merely existing (sabotaging any opportunities that you work toward, smiling in your face but spreading gossip when your not around – death by a thousand paper cuts type of ish), so we moved to the mainland.
          When it comes down to it, when you meet a lady with a face you find pretty, a curvy body and she happens to be cool as fuck – would you pump the brakes on your own biological imperative because of her race?

          Anyway, it’s always good to shoot the shit with a fellow hound!

          • botd

            Haha true, okay I hearya, my bad.

            Cool story bro, but unironically tho, for real. Always wanted to go to Hawaii. Must have been nice.

    • gerardo garcia
  4. Mike guy

    Real or fake …. Right now does it matter

  5. realreal21

    This is insane, good lord

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