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  1. Anonymous

    Yo. This happened not that long ago (take not of the url / news title), would like to know your opinion on it.


    Parting observation: Why must a vast majority of curvy women in North America be around 5ft. tall? AKA where the TALL curvy females at?!!!

    • botd

      I mean if it was my teacher and I was past puberty, it would be distracting to me. I’d probably be touching myself under my desk. But from the pics I saw, doesn’t look like the students are past puberty, so not sure if it would affect them like that. If they haven’t hit puberty, to them it would probably be no different than a pregnant teacher with her belly popping out, I don’t know. Also not really sure what she wears in the actual classroom, would need to see more evidence. But I don’t know if it would be legal or ethical to fire her for that. I’d think they’d at least need to demonstrate it was affecting the kids’ work and grades. Also it looks like at least one of those photos of her in jeans is Photoshopped. There appears to be some background distortion. Yeah true, don’t see much curvy tall women.

      • BigMike

        Unless im a rare breed, i disagree. I remember being in 3rd grade and looking over at this one teacher every morning. She wore a white tshirt and her nipples were always hard. If she was my teacher, I would be distracted 100% of the time until she covered up.

  2. Fred

    Wow! Always appreciate your posts. Will follow as long as I’m alive! 33 years old lol

    • botd

      Thanks man, glad you like it.

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