28 Responses to Thick Asian Schoolgirls – Part 3

  1. Charry

    #6 PLEASE!

    • botd

      6 is Yukari Tanaka from KATU-044

  2. Extreme Ass Lover

    BOTD: I’m a very old fan since many years!!
    check this booty and thickness out


    • botd

      Thanks bro, appreciate it.

      • Anonymous

        Yo! continuing the sentiment, your blog IMHO, is amongst the few remaining spaces for quality curvy lady content.

        Citing why: Reddit adapted the completely erroneous definition of “thicc” that focuses AWAY from curvaceousness of the ass-hips-thighs and instead mitigates to attractiveness of the face or cup size of the bust. Browse the so-called “Pawg” subreddits to find examples of this. Out of necessity, female muscle subreddits are utilized instead to find ladies with decent booties – or at the bare minimum – “big legs.”

        The Chans that remain are a minefield of racist incels that inexplicably comment on tropes handed down to them from their grandparents which in the modern age are nonsensical and obsolete instead of making any observations about the women that the entire content thread is based on. Lest we forget, LEOs posting illegal shit and their radioactive links/trackers. And last but not least, those extra special individuals that spew paragraphs completely unrelated to the topic at all…. schizo posters.

        The remainder of sources is various social media with the caveats that come with those platforms: nebulous TOS rules, random bans, and plain-ole Dunning-Kruger effect…. Looking at you, Elon. You “on the spectrum” welfare queen!

        On positive note, there are some quality Tumblr blogs out there but many have not been updated.

        TLDR: BOTD, Keep posting my dude! You are very much needed!
        P.S.= I ain’t feeling the JAV posts (and those cheating camera lenses) but understand completely that all of them generate traffic here. Instead I look forward with enthusiasm to every one of your TikTok collages!

        • botd

          Yeah I agree with pretty much everything you said, except probably the JAV stuff haha. Don’t know why but that’s my thing. Probably because a good thick Asian is mad rare. But yeah I understand that not everybody likes that, so I try to space those posts out. The thing is, those are the only posts I don’t get copyright warnings for, and the only ones I can post on Reddit ever since all the thick girl subreddits turned into only allowing self-posters.

          Oh and the reason there’s not that many sites like this is because there’s no money in it. Only reason I keep it up is because I might as well post good stuff I find and share the booty.

          But yeah I’ll try to post some more TikTok collages and stuff. Appreciate the comments bro.

        • JQB

          In advance thanks botd, been there since the early days when azzoverload was banging & connectpal/xebonix/youtube shaking was really poppin off. 2012ish i believe. bbwchan was the best id’ ever been too.

          yeah lol i mean fisheye at first was totally cap, but now it’s a different game and many really really dont need it. more like additional eye candy and idk it’s nice having a slightly different lens reminding you it’s not the usual western shit. Adds to the charm imo & usually i could care less about extraneous stuff.

          as for the other stuff you said…i mean it’s to be expected man. quality has went WAY WAY down. To the point where essentially anything that isnt asian/black is a pawg lmao. It’s a trip. bbwchan is gross af now or at the very least useless. AnonIB used to bang but that sucks too. Even the boudoir/nude/lingerie scene where im at is HORRIBLE. In other spots it’s like they never missed a beat but as someone who used to do lewd photography for a couple years…between you & me, many of the girls now have feet that are just GROSS. Coming from someone who just wants not-weird & clean. I dont really bother & prefer heels anyways. Easier posing & hotter imo. But like so many are just disgusting & kinda telling of the landscape in general. Back in the day that was a nono. Now?? It’s almost a prereq to having an onlyfans. Dirty ass fucking feet. Messy annoying room, vertical vids w/people who still dont know how to turn a camera sideways, re/re/reuploaded vids…lol im a broken record by now.

          But i think the worst part is onlyfans. Erotica-wise, girls just arent very truly cute anymore. Remember ROXIEpawg?? Before it was girls who wanted to do it for expression & of course a little attention. Now? Oh my lort…money money money. 10-20 a month? It’s sad more than anything & For most part I will not shoot with any onlyfans models at all. Community I used to be in was fairly tight-knit & money wasnt really bothered with unless it was people you didnt like you threw a price out at to make them go away or pay if they were desperate. Even then, many would refuse. Now? Say goodbye to any kind of real glamour. Even SexyPattyCake is like…on a different vibe now. Still cute or whatever, but it’s like now I’ve determined if i want genuine shots, it’s gonna have to be w/women i naturally meet, which honestly is pretty fun. But people are much colder & more cautious understandably so after all this strife & covid.

          Don’t think i’ve ever written a comment this long on here but had to write cuz yeah this shit is insane. i mean the asses *are* phatter than theyve ever been but it feels like fast food in the worst way vs those evasive angels classics or OnionBooty bangers…I dont like the landscape now at all. But I mean I guess it’s also an opportunity to get started on other things

  3. BootyBay

    who’s 1 and 9 and 10?

    • botd

      1 is Ena Satsuki from LUKE-020

      • Geff

        Who’s number 2?

        • botd

          Kaede Itou from FLAV-301

    • botd

      9 and 10 are in comments below.

  4. Obamnuh

    7 & 8?

    • botd

      7 is Nao Jinguuji from MMB-420

    • botd

      8 is Ena Koume from FLAV-308

      • Obamnuh

        Thanks bro. How about 9 & 10?

        • botd

          9 is Misa Suzumi from MMKZ-030

        • botd

          10 is Shizuka Nonami from KATU-022

  5. Taurwell

    #3 & #5 plz? Thanks for years of this!

    • botd

      n/p… 3 is Waka Misono and Kyouka Suzune from MFT-003

    • botd

      5 is Kaede Itou and Rika Tsubaki from GENM-090

  6. M&M

    whats 2 and 4

    • botd

      2 is Kaede Itou from FLAV-301

    • botd

      4 is Alice Otsu aka Arisa Seina and Kaho Imai from CJOD-353

  7. Ame Raynes

    Name of the all movies?

  8. Jam

    What’s all the ids?

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