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  1. Christopher Noel


  2. _mtaa_

    Good lawd, how do you find these girls?!
    Thanks for your amazing work!

    Hey, what you guys think of this girl?

    • Hentai Jose


      Name’s in the video


    • botd

      Damn, nice. Thanks again. Hope she doesn’t find out and file DMCAs.

      It’s ironic because these girls would be much more famous, get lots more followers and subscribers, and make much more money, if they actually posted more stuff on all these sites rather than take shit down. But they get their egos hurt and think that men are just stealing their content. I don’t wanna say that women are more emotional than logical and rational…nah I would never say something like that.

      • Hentai Jose

        Oh for damn sure!

        Also simps are enabling them for paying high subscription prices plus whatever they charge for the good stuff on their DMs.

        They get the money they need from them, leaving everyone else to have to either leak, or look for leaks.

    • botd

      Okay stop posting or people might think you’re a bigger booty expert than me. Haha nah post whenever you can.

      I wish I can figure out how to pull preview thumbnails from sites when people post links in the comments…in other words, it would show a preview pic or small gif of each one of the video links you posted. I’ll work on it.

      • Hentai Jose

        Hey man, I can spot who they are just by looking at dat ass…most of the time lol!

        Hmmm…good question, there may be a plugin/extension for that.

        At least I know there is to download videos.

  3. Anonymous

    Thanks for keeping this going, BOTD. As fan of curvy women stuck with an anti-curvy female biased media, all your efforts are greatly appreciated (I see this bias daily living in Southern California).

    As for everyone else: Judging by the quality of comments in these posts, not much people contributing. Hell, won’t even think to ask anyone here to post new ladies (let alone the ones that are de rigueur at Reddit). What I’m getting at is: PLEASE DON’T LET THIS BLOG BECOME A “GIMME ‘DIS-GIMME DAT” SITE AGAIN! Lived through that sh*t once and all the people that contributed regularly moved on to other sites and this place straight-up died. DEAD-ASS.

    Sorry if anyone is offended, but it has to be said. Like if you’re out on a date and everyone is looking at you weird and then that one friend steps up and says, “You got food in your teeth, fool.”

    Anyhow, on to the series business!

    According to Reddit, she used to put up content, got a bit popular, cheated on her husband, then took all her content down…

    • botd

      I appreciate your comments/engagement too. Yours go way back.

      I just have to give the old commenters time to come back, or just wait for new people. I’ll tell people again that they don’t have to use their real email.

      What’s funny is, I installed a plugin that outputs a list of all the emails that ever commented, and I’m sending out a mass email of 450 a day, cause that’s the gmail limit, but most of them are bouncing back cause they put a fake email haha

      Here’s a gallery of tame pics (you probably knew about it), but as usual, she got muscular/skinny smh my head


      • botd

        Oh thanks for trying to convince people.

    • Hentai Jose

      Damn! She is gorgeous!!!

      Makes me want to be more consistent in the gym lol

  4. Suresh

    Lovely indeed. From the bonus pic, we know where she got hers.

    • botd

      Looks like she convinced her mom to start an OF too.

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