Thick Asian Schoolgirls – Part 2

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I’ll post IDs tomorrow.

Edit: The names are…

1. Nina Nishimura from DAYA-009
2. Shiori Tsukada from CHAKUI-015
3. Kokoa Aisu from WANZ-439
4. Sora Sakinami from POTYAJ-007
5. Yuu Shirakawabi from ZKOD-01
6. Yuna Uchiyama from PCHD-004
7. Kokoa Aisu from MIGD-674
8. Sora Sakinami from NITR-168

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28 Responses to Thick Asian Schoolgirls – Part 2

  1. Charles Webb

    I love it but not so much the sensor part

  2. 100 cm lover

    Just watched the whole #6, things got weird in the middle but the first and last scene are for the normal people. Fat Asian girl with a lot of jiggling. The type of girl a lot would give a chance until they bent her over.

  3. Blankets

    #5, Where can I stream that??

  4. Prof. Montebon

    Now we need a “Thick Asian Business Woman” set.

  5. Help!

    To be specific I can’t seem to find numbers 2, 3 and 5, and these are the ones I want to see the most 🙁 Please help Bot!

    • botd

      I usually download them from using a rapidgator premium acct. If you want to stream them, you can try

      • Help!

        Thanks mate, nice to know you read comments AND reply. 🙂

  6. Help!

    Question, after you give us their names and video titles, where do we go to watch them? What website? Sometimes I search for them and it takes forever to find the video sometimes it won’t be full length, other times I won’t find it :(. I always get told I would have to download it from the sources I find it on, but I prefer not to, can you give us the website and what we need to do their in order to watch it? e.i, if we have to down load it or is it just another video online)

    • KingJay

      I believe that’s Ms Round Cake

  7. mailman

    Anyone got the name for this chick. Had it before..

  8. JAVKing

    Anyone have links to the 2nd# with Shiori

  9. Anonymous

    Tip: All kinds of random URL’s posted here on the regular. You never know what they may really lead to (viruses, worms, trojans, illegal porn, etc). Analyze them for free and quickly, (click “URL” above the search window)

  10. John Doe
  11. V

    Hey, I have a lot of private Skype cams with Luscious Lopez. Email me and we can trade. Thanks

    • V

      Email is
      Na2twinturbo AT YAHOO dot com

  12. Al Bundy

    Does anyone have a link / video for #2? I’m on a phone so your typical download sites won’t work. Has to be able to play via phone, like xvideos.

  13. Alf

    BOTD your a saint, thanks for the names

  14. Naughtynuff4u

    Theres something about a girl who wears a plaid thong that make her ass look bigger. Optical illusion maybe? But at least its all natural.

  15. Taiwatcher

    the sad thing is…..I HAVE ALL OF THESE ALREADY LOL

  16. DG

    2 was shiori? meh

  17. poohbia

    Name of the last one?

  18. MegaByte

    I am fiending for that ID. These chicks all are added to my favs list. I’ll be hunting down their vids too.

  19. spiderm

    #8 plz damn.

  20. DG

    i need #2 asap

  21. virus


  22. Alf

    Man man man, BOTD, you know I can be cantankerous and shit, but when you post these Thick ass Japanese bitches, i’m pretty sure nobody appreciates the shit like this nigga here. You be doing yo thing man, even if you post too many of them flat booty white bitches hahah., just fukin witcha…
    Shit WHo is #5 THO?? And #2? That look likes that could be my bitch Shiori Tsukada…

  23. bo qazi

    whos #4 ?

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