10 Responses to Snowphat Whooty

  1. This guy!

    Those eyes, definitely a looker. But in this day and age it begs to ask the question, “Is it real?” Sadly enough, booty can be “fake it, to make it.” Thick nonetheless though.

  2. Suge

    Wow! I hope somebody pulling a muscle in that thang, because the way she got that thing poked out, she look like she need that long stroke.


    Those eyes and ass are lovely. Dudes hatin on her boyfriend on her instagram comments lmao….

  4. Sticky1

    Heart shaped! It blossoms out so pretty when she is bent over.

  5. poohbia

    Hell yes

    • poohbia

      Apparently her name is Tifanie Ascherl

      • Hokebuck

        Tifanie Ascherl, Age 22 , Maryland

  6. yeah

    oooh. I think I have seen this voluptuous booty before…why thou I slept thee?!

  7. iceman8069

    Wow….she fine as hell with all that fat booty….mmm,the things I would do to her!

  8. Mr Bojangles

    There are not enough women doing porn that look like this!

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