40 Responses to Guess That Booty – Part 4

  1. AP


  2. Vizzle

    Look at the hair on her back. It’s Pinky. This is an old vid of her though. Pinky was the truth when she first got in the biz.

  3. gphi

    Remy Lacroix. PEACE!!!

  4. BSD

    Fellas –

    Sorry I’m late gettin’ in here. Don’t know that I would have gotten this one, but I can tell you that I don’t doubt that it’s Pinky. It may be hard to believe, but there was a Pinky world BEFORE the fabulous massive truck donk with the great tan lines. At the start of her career she was a small girl with a bubble butt. She swoled into all that thickness over time. I had a few porn scenes of hers before she grew the MUNSTA. I lost ’em in a hard drive crash.

    Here’s a 2006 scene of Pinky before the huge ass, before the tan lines, even before the red hair.



    • Pete

      Nice !! didn’t even know her ass was that small at one point…..ha

      • poohbia

        That ass is still bigger than most, even if she was smaller lol

        • Pete

          True True

    • mee(a)t

      Not a pinky fan but wow…she looked her best like that imo

    • Bootox

      Not a big fan too, but I admit that she knows the job. I already had thought that she was overweight (not too much), now I know that she got fatter!? At least I hope that the ass became even bigger….lol
      Seriously, i’ve just watched the video and I can tell that she looked better 100% before.

  5. Ty

    Bedeli Buttland?

    • botd

      It’s Pinky. See above.

  6. Ty

    Pinky has a bikini tan over her huge donk.

    • Traxx

      Is what i’m aware of & why I said it wasn’t

  7. botd

    Iceman8069 and everybody else that said Pinky get the props. No “Prove it” props awarded this time because nobody provided a video link with the evidence.

  8. veyron89

    is sophie dee

  9. Pete

    So BOTD, tell us who it is bro……I’m dying to know

  10. ZUF

    no sorry ava have a tatoo

  11. ZUF

    she got a little button on the right ass

  12. ZUF

    THIS IS AVA ROSE !!!!!

  13. Reemo

    Definitely not Pinky. I can’t tell. Nice gif though.

  14. Rev

    Elena Hieres? (bad spelling)

  15. trenchtoke

    or vanilla red

  16. trenchtoke

    luscious louis

  17. Thewizardsbaker

    Looks like victoria allures ass, but Sophia castellos lips

  18. Del

    Savannah fox maybe…

  19. blackfrost

    who ever it is, it’s fine as hell

  20. Pete

    it’s not Kelly or Pinky…….there’s no tattoo so it’s not Kelly andPinky’s ass was much rounder than this one

  21. Udder Appreciation

    Pinky ?

  22. dayum

    i’ll stick with kelly

  23. Traxx

    That is not Kelly Divine or Pinky

    I believe I know those booty’s well enough to say at least that

  24. dayum

    that looks like kelly divine when she was red hair

  25. Andres

    Kelly Divine?

  26. yeah

    Pinky I think…before she got that horrible weight gain

    • botd

      I was about to say I like her thicker, but damn, nah that’s too much.

  27. Sticky1

    Look at the walnut she trying to hide. Would love to cracked that open as she claps!

  28. Boss

    What’s her name again?? That girl with the thick, phat white ass… u know who I’m talking. Just cant remember her name

  29. iceman8069

    Is that Pinky?

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