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  1. mike jones

    the black chick does not have more rolls just more curves im more than a enthusiast, and its not 3 vanilla all 4 are different flavors genius… caucasian, african american, latina, and an unknown(2 me) ethnicity

  2. Jenkies78

    In Order From Left To Right:

    French Vanilla, Butter Pecan, Caramel Sundae, Chocolate Deluxe


    • Cook

      I definitely cosign the wut reference! “I’m woman/booty lover, Cook, and I approve this message”

    • Good humor

      yup 3 vanillas and a chocolate,but what about strawberry

  3. electriwizard

    The only thing missing here, is ME. And Im not talking about my ass. Variety is the best viagra.

  4. Taiwatcher

    2nd girl is Maddy Oriely

  5. Desipimp

    Lovely!! 4 sweet flavors of ass to lick and eat!!

  6. blackfrost

    i feel like an oreo now

  7. Bootyman96

    I like to mix my ice cream lol.

  8. Pervito

    Of course the black chick is the curviest 😛

    • Briny Cannonade

      It’s all in your head.

    • Briny Cannonade

      She has the most rolls you mean? Keep in mind she had to turn the least to face the camera considering the angle she needs to maintain to face it. She definitely looks heavier than the other girls. The two middle girls look quite light. She definitely isnt curvy, just “mass-y”. There is little femenine curvature around her navel area to begin with. Then again, most men here aren’t experts on any of this, just enthusiasts.

      • mike jones

        um mr. expert, your not going to be able to see curves at that angle, she is curvy because her but sticks out more than the other girls therefore her hips are going to be wider which implies the “more curves” trust most men are not just “enthusiasts” the angle was chosen by the photographer, all 4 are on the same flat wall… the angle was in favor of the black chick since she is the only one with any kind of curve to her figure, she is curvy in the right places

  9. Asslove

    The 1st from left is mine….

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