12 Responses to Valerie Kay Hoe on a Hammock

  1. swarpkof
  2. thesugadaddy

    I don’t know why but she doesn’t turn me on anymore.. She looks a lot more sexy in this scene imo.


    Her tits and ass looked juicier back then.

  3. bootydoo

    One of the baddest chicks that go hard on camera

  4. BigBootyLova

    Man it would be the best career ever to fuck these fat asses for a living.

  5. Yeah

    Twerking on a hamcock? my cock just went ham!

  6. poohbia

    I noticed her face does look different these days, but that ass and body, im not turning that down

    • BigAssFanatic

      So,true man but her ass got a little smaller after have that baby.

      • BigAssFanatic

        Shit!! Fuck-up my comment to bad I recorrect it after summiting it. “after having that baby”

  7. Pawg Hunter

    So true! too bad her face got FUCKED UP

    • Yeah

      Wait how so?

  8. Bootyfreak

    Hoooly shittt! Who could turn that down?
    Eating and smashing all day!

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