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  1. Thewizardsbaker

    Wow. Anybody actually subscribed to love.randalin’s connect pal? Must know if it’s actually worth it and not just tease pics.

  2. Chepe

    That looks like my boss daughter. I swear I wanna spank her every time I talk to her…must control impulses. I love my job n dint wanna get fired!

  3. Trickfingers91

    zhara el ommali

  4. MegaByte

    Now this woman is perfect. She is the total package. Long hair, Huge in the T AND A departments…I need to find out this chick’s name.

  5. Asspaghetti
    • Big D

      I hope it’s real… Could be photoshop plus her insta is only
      Like a month old

  6. bootox

    This one aroused my curiosity…

    I NEED to see more of her…

  7. Awe
    • Mitch

      Close but breast not big enough.

    • aNon Compis Mentis

      That isn’t love.randalin in that vid. Not by a longshot. Randalin has absolutely the widest natural ass-to-waist ratio out there (Lipedema). A thin teenaged upper body with a BBW’s hips and thighs. Legit the only chick I’d even consider throwing money at. http://41.media.tumblr.com/6f371777294b2dd655aa00e860594dee/tumblr_o4lsr7PpJK1ug5ilno1_1280.jpg https://www.connectpal.com/loverandalin

    • Big D

      Booty of the day needs to do a few posts about this girl… I would give her 10k to smell her Farts

      • botd

        You know me, I usually love the voluptuous babes with super crazy hourglass figures. But in this case, to me personally, her lower body looks kinda deformed rather than thick. And some of the profile shots from the side make it look like it might have some dents on it rather being perfectly round.

        Just so you know, I felt kinda bad typing that out cause it sounds like a fucked up thing to say about somebody. And unlike all you guys, I try not to say mean things about people.

        Anyway I wanted to respond to you, and now I feel like a terrible person. Thanks a lot Big D. I need to go say some Hail Marys.

        • Big D

          I understand, although I would give those dents some love no booty too big in my opinion

  8. DG

    too big in the tits department for me

  9. Aalim

    That’s wifey.

  10. Big D

    Went to wal mart yesterday so a girl like this, 6 foot tall probably 40H tits, and 55 inch ass with a 28 inch waist it was phenomenal , she looked crazy tho with bright pink hair and Covered in tats

    • Pete

      I would have STILL talked to her….hahaha

  11. Aaron

    holy moleeeeee

  12. BSD

    Friends –

    I like Amber Cutie and would happy as hell if she showed up in my bed, but I gotta come correct…

    I would step OVER Amber Cutie to get to THIS girl here.

    If I ever got to smash this girl y’all gonna read about in the paper.


    • KingJay

      In other words, from from the mouth of the great Ludacris, MOVE B*TCH GET OUT THE WAY! Lol!

    • Pete

      I gotta agree with my dude, I’d push Ambercutie out the bed for this female right here

  13. dont do it

    nows when some nitwit ask for a random unrelated booty id.

    • poohbia

      hahaha so true

      People dont even ask anymore either, they just post links and expect us to figure out their fap material for them

  14. blackfrost

    just looked up Ambercutie and good lord, i think my keyboard was sticky in 0.8 secs!!!

  15. Smeller


    • Ty

      Naw. Hips aren’t wide enough.

      • Smeller

        Agree. AmberCutie should still provide fap relief until we figure out this ass

    • Sucka4Booty

      Yo fam –

      My best guess, Tammy Love.


  16. iceman8069

    She is phenomenal and perfect!

  17. BSD

    Friends –

    Make my eyeballs sweat, make my teeth itch!

    I just wanna LIVE in this girl.


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