34 Responses to Spicy J and Miss Raquel Beach Booties

  1. James

    I love ass. Just love it. These sluts took a dump before they came out and dressed like that in public. Saying look at my big juicy ass. I know you stare.

  2. DG

    why is spicy jay not doing anal b/g yet?????

  3. BootySlayer

    https://www.instagram.com/p/BEr6NCwiEfO Check this one out fellas. What y’all think?

    • botd

      Nice but her quads are too big. I mean not as big as mine of course, but still.

      • poohbia

        Almost doesnt look even look real, but I’m not kicking her out of the bed

    • DG

      im in love tbh

    • The Necronom-anon

      COT DAMN. I’m all Aunt Bunny fallin down the steps right now! Where on Earth you find this woman (what forum)? And PLEASE let somebody know if you find more genuine thick Asian females like this on the internet! Good look!

  4. ah
    • bootox

      Oh, man! Gotta love this ass! Hmmmnnnn!

  5. Goldy

    Spicy J is the prototype. Now, if she likes sports, has good hygiene, likes to indulge in the chronic, doesn’t mind being submissive, and and cook on that next level. Then, she would be considered wifey material.

    • Grice

      On God man you know the truth

  6. E

    It’s not even the bounce that gets me. It’s how she pulls the strings to the side. That part…gets me every damn time…

  7. C.A.

    Do not sleep on Miss Raquel, guys. She’s a beast in her own right: physically and performance-wise. Do not.

    And Spicy J is so sexy by herself that I can’t complain. She has a solo scene with Bang Bros that is fantastic. The chemistry she has with herself is undeniable.

    Kick rocks, dudes. She must not be hurting for cash if she’s unwilling to compromise. She’ll be alright.

    • bootox

      Correct. Miss Raquel has a fine piece of ass right there, for sure. It’s not in Spice J level but she’s good and she can move that ass in the right way. You can enjoy her scene. Word.

      Spice J and Rosee Divine are the two girls that come into my mind in this situation. I REALLY wanted to see a scene with dicks banging those asses, but unfortunately, we won’t get the chance. And to my complete sadness, Rosee is out of the model scene, apparently.

  8. disappointed

    she should at least do a strap on scene with pinkyXXX or something

    • Traxx



    • bootox

      Good point. If her business is just with women, why not Pinky? That would be a great scene, I think.

      But that aside, a straight scene would be more appropriate to that ass, for sure…

  9. mailman

    I got a shoutout 😀

  10. BSD

    Friends –

    I am so past being sick of Spicy J’s nonsense.

    Like most phat azz lovers, I was mesmerized by that munsta and wanted to see it smashed with authority. ABOUT A YEAR AGO!

    Now, as soon as I see her name on something, I keep on steppin’. Cuz I know what kinda foolishness is contained within.

    Somebody let me know when she is head down ass up gettin’ yoked with a real dick in her.

    I’d buy that for a dollar.


  11. poohbia

    Spicy J should capitalize while people are still interested, pretty soon nobody is going to care

    • Zorken

      Exactly.. man Spicy is HOT AS FUCK, I mean, look at how big, fat and round her ass is… but her dick-dodging BS needs to end.. honestly, it looks ridiculous.. there’s the whole intro where she and the other chick do all the naughty stuff and then when the dude comes Spicy just leaves the scene and let the other girl do all the work.. come on, that’s awkward as shit and we all came here to see Spicy, not the other chick (although she is hot in her own right). As you said, her looks won’t stay like that forever and she better cut the bullshit while she is still at her best (IMO), or just get the hell out of straight porn..

      Sorry for the long reply.

      • Reizo_420

        Ever thought that she may have a husband/boyfriend that don’t want other man to fuck his wife/girlfriend ? Spicy J wrote that in one of her Onlyfans post that she begged her boyfriend to fuck on camera but he didn’t want to and she is a mother already, she used to be skinny AF. If i was her boyfriend/husband i didn’t want other men to fuck here, i would be selfish AF and she fucks for money as well (for the right price), she made that clear in one of here other Onlyfans post in some villa were she was waiting for a dude with the caption “it’s ready to go down”

  12. Huh?

    Hi I’m Spicy J and I never get tha D, smh ha

    • jim66

      Hi Spicy

      Grow up and stop fuckin teasing. Borrrrring

  13. BootySlayer

    That third video did it for me

  14. realreal

    still not mmaking porn? zzzzz

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