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Does anybody know of an example of somebody that generates enough money to make a living from just posting stuff on social media?

I mean on Twitter I know that dude ILGD used to make a lot, don’t know if he still does tho.

Not sure about Tumblr. Well that old blog The Daily What kinda blew up, but he’s not on Tumblr anymore.

On Reddit, well you can’t buy anything with karma. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not dissing. I wish you could, cause I could probably pay off a month or two of bills.

And Facebook, well let’s just say I wonder when those phony unofficial BOTD FB pages that repost shit from here will realize, hey this 35 cents revenue I’m making a day from posting clickbait just aint cutting it. (Yeah I’m swole, but that’s because one of them shows up on Google searches for “Booty of the Day” … usually on the top spot, and that’s fucked up.)

Anyway I was gonna say some more stuff about social media, but some people might get upset, so maybe I’ll save it for another time when I give even less shits than I do now.

Edit: I forgot it’s Christmas, I’m supposed to be jolly and merry. My bad.

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  1. Butthole

    If you want to make more I would only use dating ads that pay revenue share. Most of these ad networks like juicyads and exoclick don’t pay much. In my experience dating makes more than Cams, VOD, and paysites. Adultfriendfinder is good for rev share plus that have cobranded sites so you could promote of instead of aff which everyone has seen. is decent for dating although I’ve stop promoting them the last year.

    You could also sell Bootyoftheday shirts. Get a great design made put it on and sell it from there. If they don’t allow your shirt because it is adult related you could sell and ship them yourself from this site and probably sell a few each month.

    A better site layout could also increase ad revenue. Another move would be to use a service like to build a email list.

    • botd

      Sounds like good advice. Thanks man, I’ll think about it.

  2. jay

    What about her . I don’t know if she has been here but she’s worth mentioning

  3. jay

    Has anybody considered whooty wonder?

    • botd

      Yeah I consider her for a quick fap once in a while, but not for Booty of the Year. True the ass is phat, but it’s also about skills, popularity/exposure, and some other things, like bonus points for doing a sexy naked walking video.

      She does have lots of ambition tho. Sometimes she sounds like she’s ready to sleep her way all the way up to the top. I give her lots of points for that.

    • botd

      Jay do you have any of her clips4sale?

      If not, I might have to buy some myself to make gifs out of.

      • jay

        No i don’t

      • yabajaba

        Had no idea she had a c4s, but looks like she also put the links on her twitter. Her vids are cheap too. But, it looks like she doesnt have proper previews; I’d like to know what I’m buying. People on there generally make gifs of the screencaps.

  4. Lurker

    Look up Tuan Vy

  5. Ital

    Dude, keep pushing. I started trying to make money online about 6 years ago. Tried adult – failed hardcore. Tried original content – had some success but ultimately lost 15k. However now I push mainstream sites 10 of them and I am approaching the $50-$100 a day mark (whoop dee doo). Still not the riches I want but it’s a long term game and I use social (fb ) fuck s.e.o. Regardless I decided to post because I know the fustration of wanting out of the rat race and putting your all into this online game. I have come into contact with some dudes who have killed it online but their tech game was insane. Forced cookies, churn and burn with automated ad clicks etc etc and a whole lot of shit I hardly understood or could implement. You are trying to build and monetize one brand where you don’t create the content so it is gonna be hard as fuck and your gonna need even more traffic than you get now (and you do ok traffic wise) to make any $$. Keep it up, never give up. You provide great content and for that alone if you continue and figure out better monetization you will win. Wish you luck my man.

    • botd

      Thanks for the support bro. I don’t remember exactly what my original point was, but I don’t think it was supposed to be me complaining about money. I see how it evolved into that tho.

      But yeah, with a porn site it’s easier to post addictive material to keep people coming back. And with a mainstream site, it’s easier to make money. For example, I used to run this Tumblr blog called … It was just silly funny stuff and lots and lots of animal gifs. The point is, since it wasn’t an adult site, I was able to use regular Google ads. Google pays literally 10 times as much as porn ads, maybe more. And right before I was banned from using them (yes BOTD holds the record for being banned from the most places, I am not proud) that last final month my revenue shot up to $1,000 for that December from just 3 ads on that site. I was like holy shit, kaching, ballin. Those were good times. Then I got a termination email from them and they kept the thousand bucks, bastards. (Btw I think I was sabotaged but that’s a long story).

      Anyway like I said, porn ads pay a tiny, small, really very tiny, super small fraction of what Google Ads pays. I don’t make anywhere near as much as I did from Google. I think it’s because people that click regular ads are more likely to follow through and buy something. But us porn connoisseurs are highly trained elite ninja super skilled expert specialists at finding free stuff. Collectively as a group I’m like, Good work guys, I’m proud of us for saving money … *high fives* … But on a personal level I’m like, Goddamit fellas, stop being cheapskates. Sonsofbitches.

      I should get back into making cat and dog gifs.

      Not sure if you wanna talk about your sites, but you can post a link or two if you want. It’s all good unless I smell something fishy.

  6. Bootox

    Wow, hard to choose. From the list these:

    Kelsie Monroe (added)

    Mandy Muse

    Steph Kegels

    Sara Amnezia

    AJ Applegate

    Well, I would say Mandy Muse cause she got bigger and I love it. But Kelsie is a good rider and has a nice ass too (and is VERY flexible). That makes the lead. For the others. Steph: I love her videos (such a shameless girl…). Sara: Best body of the list. AJ: Beautiful blonde, good scenes and a good ass (just don’t beat the others).

  7. Dennypas

    this guy makes money off links he posts, but it’s not legitimate since it’s all stolen content… [link removed]

    there is really very few ways to make money online in general unless you produce original content or can convince people to post original content like… world star hip hop, youtube, etc etc

    • botd

      Dude sorry but I had to remove your link. That’s one of the very few sites I don’t allow links to.

      Just so people know, it’s one of those sites that uploads full videos from all the premium sites to rapidgator. I won’t act all holy tho since I’m guilty of downloading from those type of sites too.

      And yeah it’s hard to make money online, especially in porn. You just have to catch the next big thing before anybody else does. I keep kicking myself for not coming up with when I had the chance. I checked back and it seems like I started posting those HTML5 video loops about two weeks before that site’s domain name was created. Oh well.

      • botd

        And now people call those things “jiffies” instead of “BOTD video loops” … Okay maybe that’s a good thing. But that’s what I get for sleeping.

  8. Furf

    Mandy muse bruh!! Didn’t know you could make money from Dumblr. I follow ed 5000 blogs n still haven’t got payed yo! What a concept tho. Social media share your pictures for likes n notes. Fuck that i prefer share your hoe for sex. Then ise is post pics of the action yo.

    • botd

      You can’t bro. That’s what I’m saying. Social Networks are designed to make money off you, not for you to make money off them. Some people think they can get rich tho, so they just fill up their Tumblr blogs with a whole bunch of ads, and then start downloading and reposting as much shit as they can from other people so they can get lots of followers.

      What I learned tho is, you can have tens of thousands of followers, but that doesn’t mean shit, because nobody’s actually visiting your blog. They’re just consuming everything on their dashboard. That’s how Tumblr gets you conditioned so that they keep you on the dashboard to feed you more and more ads.

      That’s why I hardly ever post stuff on social media anymore, because personally I see no point in posting something to somebody else’s site while you’re trying to run your own. It would be like making a product and then putting it in somebody else’s store, and not even getting paid when it’s sold. Okay maybe that’s not a good analogy, but you get the idea.

      I don’t know, maybe some of them don’t care about money and they just want to be Tumblr-famous. That’s fine and all, but since they have no actual presence or brand except on Tumblr, they’re just promoting for Tumblr and making Tumblr more famous.

      And I’m talking ONLY about the serial reposters. I’m sure the rest of Tumblr is made up of fine, upstanding folk.

      And don’t even get me started about Reddit. Well more specifically, Imgur. Maaannnn Imgur is the biggest…. nevermind, maybe some other time.

    • botd

      Oh the site I was talking about before, The Daily What, was one of the first Tumblr blogs to get like tens of thousands of followers. But I think he realized the same thing I did, so he left Tumblr a while back to do his own shit.

  9. Spungn

    Oh ya….murree krissmus mutha fukas!!!

  10. Spungn

    Damn brutha!! So many good choices!! If I had to choose rite now – rite now….a tie between Steph Kegels & Sara Amnezia!!

  11. Bootyman96

    I say Mandy Muse. One of my favorites this year she should win. Now curves of the year should belong to Destiny if anyone remembers that bangbros Chongas vid and she got three scenes somewhere else but it’s on Pornhub, she should have curves of the year or would that upset people? Because her ass is fucking huge!! Idk

  12. Pete

    Mercedes Morr

    Mandy Muse

    Kelsie Monroe (my write in) once again

    And about social network, I feel your pain bro

  13. Chris

    Aj Applegate fo sho.

  14. Random Fapper

    Bella Danger, Jamie Jackson, Virgo Peridot(I know she’s been a part of the business for a long time now but this year she really started to get things going). Also that Olivia girl you posted a couple weeks ago that was perfectly thick in my opinion and Jessica Vanessa.

  15. botd

    Wasn’t gonna do a Booty of the Year this time cause I couldn’t come up with 6 names (also it takes mad long to set up one of those polls), but since I’m twisted, I just navigated back a whole year’s worth of posts and found a bunch of worthy candidates. So lets narrow it down. What are your suggestions/objections.

    Mandy Muse
    Diamond Monroe
    Keisha Gray
    Sara Amnezia
    AJ Applegate
    Mercedes Morr

    Steph Kegels?
    Anja Dee?
    Tsukada Shiori?

    Before you make a suggestion, make sure she came out in 2014, or at least around late 2013.

    Here’s the previous contests for more info…

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