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Ready to Rumble


via @danii_banks

Does anybody know of an example of somebody that generates enough money to make a living from just posting stuff on social media?

I mean on Twitter I know that dude ILGD used to make a lot, don’t know if he still does tho.

Not sure about Tumblr. Well that old blog The Daily What kinda blew up, but he’s not on Tumblr anymore.

On Reddit, well you can’t buy anything with karma. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not dissing. I wish you could, cause I could probably pay off a month or two of bills.

And Facebook, well let’s just say I wonder when those phony unofficial BOTD FB pages that repost shit from here will realize, hey this 35 cents revenue I’m making a day from posting clickbait just aint cutting it. (Yeah I’m swole, but that’s because one of them shows up on Google searches for “Booty of the Day” … usually on the top spot, and that’s fucked up.)

Anyway I was gonna say some more stuff about social media, but some people might get upset, so maybe I’ll save it for another time when I give even less shits than I do now.

Edit: I forgot it’s Christmas, I’m supposed to be jolly and merry. My bad.