15 Responses to Curvy Korean Model

  1. kj

    her name is ssunbiki

  2. Cerious

    Absolute SMASH! She’s beautiful!

  3. Braeken

    Okay, bro, can someone please explain this. Why is it that (East) Asians can be curvy and all, but ass-wise, it’s just flat? Am I hallucinating this? Or is this a thing, and if so, what kind of prank of evolution is this and why???

    • botd

      I mean it’s most likely evolution. Whether it’s because of a survival benefit because of the different climate of that region, or a byproduct of something else, I’m not sure.

      One good thing we have to look forward to, is them mixing with ethnicities with big asses, then we get the best of both worlds. Go globalism.

  4. acebootyluv

    Is there a re-up of this? I’m obsessed with reporters with booty lol, or any semi-candid thicc chicks that are just doing normal stuff

  5. Suresh

    Smash as she still looks very good.

    • botd

      True that’s a hot side profile.

  6. eyetub

    hello, how can i solve this problem with this page showing? eyeg

    • botd

      Not sure if this is a bot/spam, but what problem are you talking about, and is anybody else having problems?

    • botd

      Nice, thanks. Yeah I call her the Arab Mal Malloy.

  7. JamesJak

    I agree with told all above.

  8. Yam Man

    She’s a smash. Her booty will get bigger after I put like 3 kids in her.

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