21 Responses to Nina Nishimura Sex on the Bus

  1. Sidick

    I love all the pictures and videos and the Japanese women are beautiful and sexy

  2. Shanon Mercado

    Mmmm omg… Im wet now tbh

  3. xdbs

    Shes nice, and sexy. But i’m pretty positive shes only half japanese.

  4. Kushioned

    What is maguro porn?

  5. BootyFreak

    Damn she’s thick! Just the way I like’em.

  6. Assman

    Does anybody have any HD links to any videos similar to these?

  7. Marko

    Can someone explain why the asshole is ok but the gina is a no go and is blurred?

    • 87168

      I think it’s unlawful to display pubic hair on film. I could be wrong but I’ve been told that in the past.

  8. poohbia

    Nice find

  9. 843bigred

    That is a sexy ass, even with the blurring out

  10. Rall

    i hate this kind of porno >:-(

    • botd

      Maguro porn is best porn.

      • MegaByte

        I agree, it is indeed the best. This chick is fine as hell. Thanks for putting me on.

      • E

        I have never been into asian chicks…then I saw this post.

        That site is fucking amazing!

      • Rall

        The girl is perfect but i don’t like the censure

  11. booty

    video ?

  12. Smoothy

    Very lovely sexy 😉

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