My Favorite Position

If armpit intercourse isn’t your thing, press the buttons below for more of her. Don’t knock it till you try it though.

11 Responses to My Favorite Position

  1. Jefferson

    Wondering if this great community can explain te asian taboo of showing a penis. Some of the sickest stuff on the net is by asians and it isnt censored………but they fear a coupe inches of pecker?

    • Thatblackguyagain

      LoL, right??

  2. Jefferson

    Its definately a talent! However id prefer my flute to stink of pussy or ass in the morning than a sweaty armpit.

    Also, my personal favourite secret hole is the rare fucking of the thigh gap…….unfortunately it requires a 10Incher and finding a young lady that is in better shape than a walrus

  3. blackfrost

    yes. i check this site 20 times a day. more if i can get on it from a government computer.

    • sm84

      oh boy…….! the NSA will be watching you…….!

  4. Anon7389

    I fucking love this site and its community

    • Cook

      Yeah there’s a certain commradery here that doesn’t go unappreciated

  5. Cook


  6. blackfrost

    this is what i found of ayaka yuzuki…i don’t think it’s the same girl. this one i linked has bigger tits:

    • botd

      In that case I don’t know, but I posted a 5 minute version of of it.

  7. poohbia

    Someone has to have a link?

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