Johanna Maldonado Spins Around

17 Responses to Johanna Maldonado Spins Around

  1. Chukou

    I WANT HER!!!

  2. Jean

    Who is the last chick??

    • botd

      Same girl in all of them.

  3. Ivan

    Que hermoso culo tiene esta culombiana jejeje , esto demuestra que las mujeres latinas son las mejores del mundo tanto por su fisico como por su belleza

    • Ross

      Translation, please.

      • friendofU

        that would be something like:
        “what amazing ass that colombian girl has , this shows that latin woman are the best in the world by their physics and by their beauty”

        or something close to that 😛


      • Ivan

        She have a beautiful ass , that colombian girl

  4. ILL Phil

    DUUUUDDDDE she’s fukkin sexy

  5. Derek da Long

    Little boys are easy impress. Scrachen Me Balls Boyos.

    • friendofU

      I pity you ;T
      poor thing

  6. Enigmaess

    God my O, I mean my god O

  7. danilo

    me gusta mucho

  8. friendofU

    Goooooddamnnnnnnn … I’m love w/ this bitch, ride on lol
    gives us more, vids, pic set 🙂

    best regards and thanks for the thick

  9. DC

    She’s amazing, I am a big fan of her. In the gifs mentioned here she’s really awesome. Last movieclip I got my hands on of her I saw she has had her booty done. A real shame since now it looks as fake as al the other south american models who have had their booty fixed. :(( She was perfect in any way, face, boobies, booty, smile etc. I don’t understand why these kind of women can’t see that they are perfect the way they are. Here’s the movieclip where her butt got faked up:

    • realreal

      good lord that looks awful

  10. Tboogz

    OMG dude you are awesome!!! Always introducing us to women we never knew about!

  11. bana

    holy fuck that cant be real

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