Jennifer Love Hewitt 2.0

These are old, from back when I was a PS Padawan. Was gonna fix them up, but aint nobody got time for that. If you like them, good. If you don’t, tough.

13 Responses to Jennifer Love Hewitt 2.0

  1. Tanner365

    I knew she was an ASS freak!

    My mouth is ready to receive her tight “Pincher Sphinter!”

  2. Tanner365

    What? Photo shopped? Naw!

    That’s her real ASS!

    My toung is ready for moist sweaty “pincher sphinter!”

  3. KDogg

    Oh my. Where have you been all of my life? You have the most perfect body. Keep up the exercises

  4. Tim

    I almost thought these pics of Jennifer’s ass were real! Knowing she’s now pregnant in all! I’d still enjoy her farting in my face!!!

  5. joe

    some of these people take booty pics way too serious sometimes lol. just enjoy or keep it pushin lol. JLH is always hot though

  6. Al Bundy

    I figured you wouldn’t be posted photos that are clearly fake. I would understand one that would pass. Something like this (and I barely know her) I can assure you is fake. Have some standards when posting at least.

    • botd

      That’s the whole point of a Celebrity 2.0. It’s supposed to be obvious.

  7. Bootylover

    Damn it . That ass is nice

  8. Ross

    Yes, I would definitely buttfuck this version of Jennifer.

  9. np3228

    Love it. Also lol at ain’t nobody got time for that.

  10. Bee

    Love it! Jennifer Love Hewhooty!!!!!

  11. Booty Lover

    These would have been better w/o the photoshop

    • botd

      Yes, she was kinda semi-thick already, if that’s what you’re saying, but a statement like “these would have been better w/o the PS” is kinda meaningless, since it all depends on how big you like it. What we all consider better will be different. When it comes to ass, tits, thighs and hips, my motto usually is, the bigger the better.

      And on this site we post them really big (as long as the waist is small), so most visitors that come here like them huge.

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