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  1. moramia

    Oh Oh Oh It’s very nice…. But if this pictures are not photishop!!

  2. big t

    Emmas ass is unreal she needs the D

  3. Bee

    Thanks dude! keep doin what ur doing! I can’t get enough of the celebrities 2.0

    • botd

      n/p. I looked for Sofia Vergara but couldn’t find a good one. Maybe Mila Kunis next time.

  4. DeeCee1

    Regardless still love the posts. Keep it up BOTD!

  5. eddy

    I wish Emma would grow a phat ass like that. She is so cute.

    • botd

      True. So do I and so do lots of others. That’s the reason for the post. It’s for the fantasy.

  6. botd

    Just an fyi…
    Some people come here for the gifs and vids, some for the PSed pics. Haven’t posted a Celebrity 2.0 in a while but kept getting lots of requests. A couple of people even said the site got boring because the PS was toned down.
    Anyway the pics are just filler for the good stuff that comes after. Too many gifs and videos and the site slows down.

  7. Bootylover88


    • botd

      I knew you’d like that one. Sorry couldn’t find a good one in yoga pants. Next time bro.

  8. DeeCee1

    I agree with statix. Love the posts, but the shopped images are getting out of control. The tags are cool and helpful.

  9. Statix

    Not sure if you people know this, but most pictures here are actually Photoshopped. Just save the picture and use Google Image Search and you’ll see the original. Time and time again, I find out a lot of these women don’t ahve such amazing asses at all.

  10. botd

    I’m wondering if anybody ever notices the “Related Posts” feature under each post. Or clicks on the Category or Tagged buttons where it says “Posted in Celebrities 2.0” and tagged “Emma Watson.”

    There’s nothing else under Emma Watson, but check it out for future posts if you see something you like or want to see more of.

  11. Lt.Col Dafuq

    I like this version 🙂

    • botd

      It’s more fappable right. Well… to me it is… if I did that kinda stuff.

  12. botd


  13. N2BiSex4u


  14. fake pic


  15. yoyo

    is this shopped? lol

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