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  1. A guy

    Man i was in a situationship for 18 months with this beautiful Greek girl with a body just like this. Unbelievable girl but couldn’t turn her into a gf cos of the brainwashing. Sigh i doubt I’ll ever pull one like that again

  2. Rob d

    beautiful… fuck ass of the day…she got ass of the year

  3. bigwilly

    This is my favorite gif on here. The others are Darlene Armaro, Virgo peridot, and lucilleodmg

  4. Mr BIGZ

    I seen her on web cam not too long ago, shes actually super boring. And finding out that shes 24yo NOT 18 pretty much fucked up the fantasy for me.

  5. BigAssFanatic

    Love that big perfect white juicy apple ass,make me want to take a bite of that big apple ass.

  6. Madark

    8bitdeviants is her cam name.

  7. Jason Muniz

    Sort of reminds me of Sara Amnezia, anything new from Amnezia? She just disappeared.

  8. Bootox

    That’s what i’m talking about! She is skinny and yet her body has sexy curves. Her face and titties are pretty, but what certainly made me happy to see all that was that gorgeous ass. She beats a lot of bigger girls in that matter cause her ass has almost perfect proportions and format.

    I would like to see her some years from now, probably she will get more weight and things will be even better…

  9. Demetrius

    Thnx for the links bro! Really enjoyed this one.

  10. realreal

    oopsie, she’s 18 now but she has a blowjob pic from 2013

  11. blackfrost


  12. Yeah

    wow, that’s real.

  13. cole cash

    Is she for real?

  14. realreal

    and she’s just 18, i’m going to kill myself

  15. realreal

    dammn this is insane, perfection, look at how skinny and she is and then bam! A massive round bubble butt.

    i need a woman like this

  16. Beast
  17. Fapman

    …My God! Perfect body. Her ass is so round & plump. Ahhh! I would definitely destroy that ass. Just look @ those ripple effects when she taps herself. Freakin’ sexy Sexy!

  18. iceman8069

    Damn…she cute as hell and got a rockin body! Lucky ass dude smackin that booty!

  19. Udder Appreciation

    real nice

  20. Kratom

    I found her videos about a year ago on pawgtube.com. I like em thick but her ass is insane. I was finally able to catch her webcam on chaturbate and stayed on her cam for about an hour and a half until she stood up and turned around. It was worth it.

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