14 Responses to Shiny Ass Olivia Wilder

  1. Bootox

    Well, good butt, bad fuck. To me, she needs to learn how to ride and move that ass. There are moments on the video that looks like she can’t stand the size of the dick and can’t go deep in the fuck.

  2. TheCoolDude

    I’ve found the full vid, every where else was only showing it for at least seven minutes. Enjoy http://yourdailypornvideos.com/olivia-wilder-olivia-wilder-has-a-fat-ass-04-11-2014-pawg/

    • LitosChi

      Thank you so much!

  3. mee(a)t

    Wild booty

  4. blackfrost

    i’m all about the great ass but really is all that oil necessary?

    • This guy!

      Thank you! Oily buns….wait…

  5. Random fapper

    She got a nice body but don’t know how to work it….

  6. truespeaker

    Oh shit, look at this black cock I’m going to vomit

    • botd

      In other words you’re a closeted gay dude going through an inner struggle and deep down you also wanna be black.

      • Spungn

        Ya…Truespeaker….out of that WHOLE clip – which was just about ALL ass – u get “black cock” out of it?!?!?! Uh…..GGGAAAYYYYY!!!!

        • botd

          Exactly what I was gonna say. 99% of the clip is ass, but dude pauses at the last millisecond to analyze the dick. You’re on the wrong site bro. “Dick of the Day” is that way >>>>

          • realreal

            it’s amazing how repressed are americans haha. I’m straight but i don’t even care about that cock, actually i wanted to see her suck that.

            Or maybe that dude was being racist.

      • Caesar

        Dude’s got ADD: Attention to Dick Disorder

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