29 Responses to Jillian Janson Booty Pop and Ass Shake

  1. mee(a)t

    @botd the first and second one plays

    • botd

      I don’t know man, did it just start happening or was it always like that? I would say try to download Firefox for Android and see if it works, but I mean if it’s a problem other people are having too, I gotta try to fix it.

      • mee(a)t

        It works on Firefox

  2. Vicente
    • botd

      Honestly I’m not into those types of asses, and the second one kinda scares me, in more ways than one. But I’ll see if I could find something there, cause I do need some new sources, so thanks for the suggestion.

      Also it kinda seems like you’re either trying to get traffic, or post affiliate links. But whether true or false, I’ll let it go this time.

  3. slim D

    This is Jada Stevens!!! Can someone tell me where the video clip is????


  4. INeedToKnow
  5. Jason

    Is she a porn star does she have a instagram or Tiwtter?

  6. Riccardo

    please !!!! name of the video

  7. Jopa

    Damn booty! Source?

  8. gg
    • Jopa

      Cameron Canada?

      • botd

        You’re not sure? Yeah I’m not either. But I’m gonna go with Cameron Canada too since her name is on the tag below the post.

        • Jopa

          Yes, is Cameron Canda, how to forget those tattoos?

  9. mee(a)t

    The videos aren’t working for me on mobile mode

    • botd

      These particular ones are gifs, so they should play everywhere, so I dunno. It could be that you have your mobile browser set to not play gifs automatically, but then you still should see a big play button that you can press.

      Only thing I could say is try to reload or reboot.

      Unless you’re talking about the video loops in general.

      • mee(a)t

        I’m talking about in general


        Lol if xfinity is slow then I’ll throw a fit

        Its like they don’t even show up as vids.. I see pics and that’s it

        • botd

          Mee(a)t, some mobile browsers don’t autoplay the video loops, so sometimes you have to tap it in order to get it to play. Then it might take a while to load. I recommend downloading the Firefox mobile app tho, cause on Firefox they autoplay like they’re meant to.

          That’s probably not it tho, cause I’m sure you would’ve tried that. If not, let me know what phone and mobile browser you’re using.

          • mee(a)t

            I’m using Google Chrome on the nexus 7 tablet (2012)

            Usually when they work I’ll see the usual things that are used for a video (play button, full-size button, duration slider) but its not even there…it just loads as a pic for me

          • botd

            Mee(a)t … go to this link on your mobile, tap the three videos and wait a sec, and let me know which one plays… first, second, third or none.


        • botd

          Kristina Rose


    • poohbia

      Your connection is probably just slow

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