22 Responses to Anja Dee Ass Protrusion

  1. Sticky1

    “This $#!+ right here ninja. This $#!+ right here. This $#!÷ is a real woman!”
    This is what you get when she wakes up. “She woke up like that!” She doesn’t need any make up to look fanominal

  2. Fernando

    Wow! I would like to see her in a thong

  3. 1

    eyyyy, u listened! ur welcome

  4. Bootox

    Beauty! The rear vision of this ass is epic! She is on the verge of good proportions. Would like to see her twerking…

  5. Iloveasian

    Guys ! Who is this girl ? She is mindblowing ! http://i.imgur.com/ZLOZM7I.jpg

    • Duke

      Ria Martinez

  6. scum666

    One of my co-workers has a body just like her. Just banging

  7. 843bigred

    now thats a damn lady

  8. Lokest

    Wow this girl is from my city!

  9. Caesar

    Not the first time booty made someone dyslexic

    • Max

      Hahaha real talk bro!!! But damn shes fine!

  10. This guy!

    Is it me or am I the only one who initially thought that read as “Prostitution.”

    • Max

      Lol me too homie

      • Bootox

        lol The same here.

  11. realreal

    Daaaamn. First decent woman you post in a lot of time, she’s too damn hot.

  12. pizdec

    oh god thats what i was waiting for, more girls like this!

  13. Darth

    link .. for more pics .. pls ? without on this site

  14. iceman8069

    There is so much I would do to her…damn!!!

  15. Blaximus

    All I want for Christmas is…HER.

  16. Booty_Eattah

    Oh fuck yes… some juicy curves held up by some long legs…

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