25 Responses to Valerie Kay Goes to the Gym

  1. Eddie

    Work that Ass girl

    • Bootyman96

      Thanks bro you did us all a favor

    • 843bigred


  2. Bootyman96

    Valerie Kay is back! Yes! And she’s working out in the gym! Even better. One of my favorites ever and she never disappoints. VK all day.

  3. KingJ

    To me her but is finally statring to look big

  4. Luv Da Big Booty Hoes

    She has had work done to her nose and cheek bones. I thought she was absolutely incredible when she first started making flicks. Now, she just looks odd and much less comfortable to ride. Not to mention that her voice is ANNOYING as all hell. It’s strange that once a woman starts messing with the things you really like about them that makes the annoying elements that much more intolerable.

    • RasTrent

      Man, you beat me to it. Her voice is definitely grating. I don’t mean to sound like some misogynistic prick, but when I watched this Bangbros scene, I just wanted her to shut the fuck up. Also, Arianna Knight was hotter in the vid

    • Bootox

      Right on the spot! Not just the butt looks different, but the face is kind of ugly. She had a more natural look on her body AND on her face. I keep trying to figure out what happen’s on those girls mind, they mix too much with their bodies and fuck with everything (most of the times).

  5. rall

    valerie kay looks different from her face

  6. Blackfrost

    makes me want to go to the gym everyday if people like her was there

  7. Bootox

    Certainly she is slimmer. Just watch some of her scenes from 2011 and you see the diference. She had more weight and her ass looked bigger then. I just hope that she doesn’t get on the “more implants” vibe and fuck with her body…

  8. poohbia

    She’s def slimmer than she used to be, sad

  9. Bootyman

    Does anyone have a link?

  10. sugadaddy

    Her ass is starting to look a bit flat..

  11. Sticky1

    It’s alright. Nothing to drop your jaw over.

  12. Jason


    • C.A.

      Uh uh nope no wrong

    • Caesar

      I think you’re thinking of Vanessa Blake homie. 2 different chics

      • Jason

        my fault.

  13. realreal

    i’m so happy that she’s back

    • Yeah

      BOTD, take a look at this:

      No idea who this is, as I desperately try to find as I discovered it only yesterday. All I can say is…DAMN.

      • botd

        I think this is her here…


        The links don’t work anymore tho cause she always changes her name.

        • Bootyman96

          She’s Bootystar now on MFC.

        • Yeah

          HELL YEAH! Thank you so much BOTD. I can finally glare at that bombastic booty in peace!

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