Thick Crossed Legs

3 videos of blondes, brunettes and Asians crossing their legs. Giggity.

Another sick fetish of mine. But I figure out of 3.5 billion other guys in the world, at least a few others have the same fetish.

Obviously this is not for everybody, so if this isn’t your thing, I know it’s difficult, but just try to ignore it.

I’ll try to give IDs when I can.

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  1. BSD

    Friends –

    I was a big Kait Snow fan, but she never did much outside of the stuff.


  2. M

    Who is the Asian with the cape one?!??

    • botd

      Naho Hazuki from SND-51

  3. mee(a)t

    Funny yesterday I was on reddit and I was just looking at ladies with their legs crossed. It’s sexy

  4. botd

    In the first video, the second one… all I know is her name might be something like Vykie from The third one is here…

  5. Blue Magic

    who’s the 2nd and 3rd girls in the first video? the one on the white couch and the one with the blue skirt?

  6. Doc

    2nd girl in 2nd video

  7. Bootox

    To me it’s not a fetish but I really enjoy seeing thick legs crossed. Always sexy.

    Again, great job, BOTD!!!

  8. widehipsbaby

    I will just leave this here – Ol**** ****** link removed

    • botd

      Thanks bro but she’s blacklisted from this site so I had to remove your link.

      • widehipsbaby

        Why is she blacklisted?

        • botd

          Because her webmaster goes around filing DMCA copyright takedowns on her stuff. When people do that I don’t link to them anymore.

  9. CEC

    I remember there being a post recently of a compilation of girls, one of the girls had gray and pink panties and was laying face down on the bed with her ass slightly giggling. That girl was amazing, does anyone remember the post?

    • botd

      By recently, do you mean yesterday?

      • CEC

        I believe so, but I can’t find it anymore?

        • botd

          Yeah I removed it cause didn’t think people liked it, plus couldn’t find her Tumblr link. I brought it back tho. Go to the home page and scroll down.

      • CEC

        Weird, now it’s showing up. Thanks! Do you know where I can more of her?

        • botd

          Haha we commented at the same time so you didn’t see my message. Nah, I did the gif from a video on her Tumblr, but can’t find her link anymore.

  10. botd

    Couldn’t find the video of the Latina in the second one, but here’s a couple other ones of her…

  11. scroatcoat

    Thanks for this botd. Any links for the 2nd brunette?

  12. Jason


    • botd

      Naho Hazuki and Sugenoya Emi

  13. Ph0enix

    DAMN, who’s number 2 of video 3? And where can I get videos of her? DAMN!!

    • Ph0enix

      No, but I’d like to know this, too. Hell, that even could be the most perfect booty I just ever saw!!!

      Who is she??

  14. 843bigred

    I must say i am also a fan of some sexy, thick legs, especially being crossed. The second set of thighs in the second video looks juicy.

  15. C.A.

    I don’t reckon I have a fetish for this, but I COULD watch a whole video of this sort of thing. Thanks for the post.

    Here’s an almost 3 minute long video of Jamie Jackson’s crossed legs. And dig the heart-shaped bruise on her right thigh.

  16. Just someone

    Jesus! That first girl in the second video, my god! Her name, anyone? Help a wanker out

  17. Yeah

    Thick legs when crossed is a blessing.

  18. DK

    u need to tell the name of these videos..esp the 1 with the strap on

  19. Random Fapper

    Oh my god I love Kait Snow. I wish she had some good videos to watch.

  20. DigitalBullet

    Interesting fetish, but now that you point it out, it is sexy. Everybody in the first vid can get it, but I definitely like the first think blonde girl and the last one.

  21. tito

    love crossed legs too! who’s the 2nd brunette?

    Naho’s thighs though…

    • botd

      I don’t know her name but there’s a few hot cam videos of her online. I’ll try to find the links later. Or if anybody has her name or camsite profile link let us know.

  22. marc

    the last girl in the 1st video doing the wanking gesture is amazing, does someone got her name?

  23. chrism87

    Who is the blonde on the left in the first clip??

    • botd

      Kait Snow from The Upper Floor. See also //

  24. john

    Awesome job as usual BOTD!!!
    The last chick in the first clip can GET IT!!!
    Would like to see much more of her.

    • botd

      Her name is Demi Scott aka Mercedes.

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