Best Frontal Ever

Jaye Rose’s breathtaking hourglass figure. I think this girl wins the Golden Schwing! Award for the best looking view of a chick from the front. What’s your opinion.

  • Wholeheartedly agree.
  • Vehemently disagree.
  • Dude I’m not sure, but I definitely wouldn’t kick her out of bed.

If you still can’t decide, see more of her curves here. And great news guys, she recently got into porn. And finally her Twitter.

21 Responses to Best Frontal Ever

  1. Aaron

    I would kiss every inch of her body

  2. GDUB

    I wholeheartedly agree.

  3. Maxwell

    On pic # 5 wtf is on the floor behind the toilet, is that a tampon?

  4. GreenEggs&Ham
  5. King

    The third picture from the top>>

  6. Dude

    Definitely an A all the way. Her curves are phenomonal

  7. Boooty freak

    Definite C

  8. Max

    It’s a C

  9. Spungn

    DEFINATELY 100% A!!!! This chick is awsome!! Seen a few of her porn scenes! Magnificent!!!

  10. douche baggins

    You’ve posted better frontals before, but she’s still extremely hot.

    • botd

      True but you can never trust a pic on the web, you can only trust the gifs. Or if it’s like 8 pics from the same set. In other words, I’m 100% sure she’s real. The other ones I’m not too sure about.

  11. deecee1


    She goes by the name Jess also.

    Check this out. You guys can thank me later.

  12. ILL Phil

    I could fucking marry her nipples!

  13. Brent

    I really have to go with c!

  14. BSD

    Friends –

    I’ve been on this Jaye Rose for a few minutes. Got four or five of her porn scenes. She’s ridiculously curvy with that great little layer of babyfat still on her. Perfect. She’s from Wales, like Sophie Dee.

    Definite “A” for me.


  15. Clyde

    Definitely C.

  16. Bee

    Hey chance on a celeb 2.0 this week?

    • botd

      Yeah the end of the week.

  17. Bee

    100% A

  18. Lt.Col Dafuq

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